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High-Tech Airship Counteracts Climate Change, Inventor Awaits Clemency

Dino Gentile, an award-winning inventor, has been celebrating the success of his Lighter Than Air [LTA] airship. An advanced aviation technology, the LTA airship is expected to revolutionize how governments clean air, desalinize water, alleviate drought-stricken areas, and combat wildfires to counteract the effects of climate change, and to aid in government responses to natural disasters.

The LTA airship design has already attracted the attention of Cal Poly, U.S. Army Labs, DARPA, and defense contractors, who have each evaluated its effectiveness and given it a high probability of successfully working in what could be a new 500 hundred billion dollar industry. The LTA airship design even won second place at the world’s ‘Great Idea Contest’, and was featured in Good House Keeping Magazine, Earth News, ABC TV LA, Euro TV, and The LA Business Journal.

The inventor of the LTA airship, Dino Gentile, is a former Los Angeles pastor and nationwide evangelist currently serving a 41-year sentence for aiding and abetting a church member in a robbery. Halfway through his sentence, however, Dino has been recognized as a model inmate for helping to change the lives of hundreds of prisoners and for developing positive technologies, like his airship, to benefit society and combat climate change effectively. To date, over 300 organizations, with nearly 14 million members and 30,000 ministers between them, have joined together in asking U.S. President Joe Biden to commute his sentence in light of his low custody level and low chance of reoffending.

“Dino was a pillar of the community, and we hope he gets another chance at freedom,” remarked a spokesperson for The National Justice and Law Alliance. “He has been helping to change the lives of hundreds of prisoners,” they added.

If granted clemency or home confinement, Dino will work on his LTA airship design in hopes of cleaning the air, desalinizing water, alleviating drought-stricken areas, and combating dangerous wildfires. Additionally, plans to outfit blimps with Dino’s technology could allow for first responders or search and rescue teams to be deployed at the scene of natural disasters from ships at sea or tall buildings.

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