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Home Office Trends in 2023, Here is What Experts Think!

It is now more important than ever to have a home office space that is both enjoyable and functional during the workweek.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, December 27, 2022 – The pandemic era upended traditional working environments and job perspectives. The transition of the workforce from the pre-pandemic world to the post-pandemic society changed the nature of jobs entirely. 5J Building Group, a leader in home extension and home renovation Melbourne wide shares some home office design trends in 2023.

Designing new workspaces has been a part of that transition. It is not surprising that designers advise paying as much attention to the design of your office zone as possible: the atmosphere should be conducive to productive work and creativity, with no distractions or inconveniences. The ATO (Australian Tax Office) even introduced a tax deduction for home office usage during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ATO implemented a temporary shortcut method of calculating additional running expenses, allowing those working from home to claim a rate of 80 cents per work hour during the COVID crisis, effective from March 1 to June 2022.

If you’re still thinking about designing a home office, you should take a deeper look into what trends experts have already proposed for 2022. The trick is to balance decorative elements such as colour schemes, soft furnishings, wall art and functional elements such as storage and office furniture.

Because clutter can be distracting, the minimalist style is another popular home office idea to consider for office space. The minimalistic design promotes neat, organised vibes that foster work efficiency with minimal distractions, from using neutral tones to only keeping what is necessary. Be realistic in preparation. For those who have an uncontrollable surplus of tools and documents, a different style of workplace decoration might be a good choice. If your workday is so hectic that you struggle to take a break to recharge, the eco-style home office design is an ideal option for you.

Well-designed home offices help style your house, but 5J Building Group also suggests to rethink the styles of other key parts of the house. As an expert of kitchen renovation and bathroom renovation Melbourne wide, 5J building Group continues to offer good house renovation solutions to Melbourne customers.

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