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Vision Art Aluminum is in a class by itself. It exists in the modern world and functions in the ways of the world. However, it’s dedicated to several old world principals and values that have been lost these days. Vision Art Aluminum is dedicated to principle: (T)ogether (E)veryone (A)ccomplishes (M)ore. WE CHANGE LIVES by partnering with, assisting and guiding our customers to enhance their lifestyle by making informed decisions with awareness about the art involved in making your home more comfortable for your family. Ideology aside, Vision Art Aluminum unites what many would call mixture of incongruous elements or mélange of ideas, products, styles and craftsmanship.

NORTH BERGEN, N.J., DECEMBER 26, 2022 – Former face designer for several of the world’s top beauty lines, including Estee Lauder and Christian Dior, New Jersey’s Freddy Tuncel wows a new audience off the runway with stunning home designs.

He’s found his true passion: creating and installing glass sunrooms that can beautify any home while adding space, luxury and value. Additionally, he’s offering cost conscious doors that add beauty, save energy and address the crucial issues of our times, climate change.

Tuncel, a 37-year old Turkish immigrant has taken his talents from make-up applied to one face at a time to a larger “canvas” …customers’ homes and, of course, energy bills. He’s expanded his diverse and artistic palette of skills to the art of architectural design for houses, offices, outdoor spaces or anywhere.

Additionally, Freddy’s company, Vision Art Aluminum of North Bergen, NJ, operates under a customer friendly model which he says is the future of successful business relations. He said, “Before I was a businessman, I was an artist, and a successful one. I dealt with models all over the world sensitively, artistically and caringly. It was never about the money for me. It was about pressured people under the gun wanting the best they could achieve. That’s not different from architectural design. People want and need help conquering the issues of their times.

Freddy proclaims proudly, “When I was 12 years old, I saw words that changed my life. Those words are: ‘I would rather lose money than trust.’ Therefore, my company mantras became: “Quality Always Matters,” “We Change Lives,” “Lose Money… but NEVER LOSE TRUST.”

“While it may be difficult to understand how a contractor changes lives, we’ve put a lot of effort into educating our customers so they can make healthier choices by working on the ‘climate’ of their personal sacred space, their homes. Whether that’s double pane glass that makes windows and doors more energy efficient or demonstrating the role comfort plays in making a house a healthier home, it’s our ‘thing.’ We want our customers to improve their health and wellness by working body, mind and soul comfort into their environment…the most important, precious space we all have, our biggest financial investment, are our homes.”

With the above in mind, Freddy started a successful construction business as an exterior architectural designer. Rather than creating “just” beautiful faces, his artistic “canvas and palette” exploded. He is now creating magical and astounding outdoor spaces entire families could enjoy together.

Tuncel continued, “As a beauty designer for nearly 13 incredible years, I was deeply touched and appreciative by making people look good, feel better and be happier. Science knows appreciating beauty leads to greater joy, health, well-being, and meaning in life. Simply said, I merely took the beauty I could create to a larger canvas and a more broad and vibrant universal palette. Now I am an even more gratified exterior architectural designer and I’m continuing to blissfully make customers and their families comfortable and happy. I value trust and I build it with everyone I am blessed to meet and work with. My customers know I value them and appreciate their business. And I pride myself on my treasured relationship with them and I take the time to build what I will maintain…a relationship based on deep trust, luxurious design, world class products and excellent customer service focusing on creating usable art in architecture. Don’t take my word for it, go read my Google reviews.”

With a look of joyful tranquility, a smile creeping across his face and hardy laughter, Mr. Tuncel stated, “It’s high time customers embrace a new business model where they can expect world class products and a modern business model. It all begins at home where we rest our body, mind and souls. It’s the first step in establishing a beautiful inner tapestry called inner peace. As above, so below; beauty heals the soul. Let us begin in our intimate, personal space, our homes, and share it with everyone we meet in our personal worlds. Who knows…the idea could catch on? But first, it is an ‘inside job’ …always because home is where the heart is.”

For more information contact Freddy Tuncel at or call 201.366.4699, Mon-Sat 9am-5pm.
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