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IKIN Launches Hologram Development SDK

RYZ™ tools and libraries enable developers to easily incorporate holographic content into new and existing apps and applications for business and consumer use

IKIN™, a leading provider of visual technology solutions for businesses and consumers, announced the release of its RYZ SDK, which empowers developers to create holographic and volumetric content for business and consumer applications. Through the open-source toolkit, developers have the opportunity to increase product differentiation and value by incorporating 3D content which can elicit deep emotional experiences.

“Adoption of holographic content in mainstream environments is accelerating and IKIN is empowering developer and ISV communities to expand uses which will enhance human connections,” said Joe Ward, the company’s chief executive officer. “We are giving developers the capabilities and resources to quickly create and monetize holographic content while expanding the value of existing and future offerings.”

The RYZ software development tools are integrated with the Unity Technologies development platform, creating an intuitive design environment that supports creative uses of volumetric and 3D images. Qualified developers have access to open APIs for integration and innovation, are eligible for live on-boarding and installation support from IKIN experts, and will be provided with a full-function desktop display for product simulation, testing, and validation. The display does not require goggles or masks to view holograms and has the same interactive touch screen and ambient light display capabilities as the RYZ Accessory for mobile phones that will be in beta testing shortly and slated for market in early 2022.

“We see endless possibilities for holographic content in markets like telehealth and wellness, gaming, IoT, communication, and education,” added Ward. “Access to IKIN’s tools and resources should inspire many innovative thinkers to develop and enhance products and services that impact people and businesses. We are excited to see what human, sensorial, and extraordinary experiences the market will create.”

Developers interested in authorized access to the RYZ toolkit can register at

In addition, IKIN will be hosting IKIN University at ITEXPO, June 22, 2021, an up-close workshop for developers at the ITEXPO conference in Miami Beach, Florida. The workshop will give developers the requisite skills and tools to add holographic content into B2B and consumer applications through live demonstrations of building volumetric content for use in existing and emerging apps and applications, transforming 2D objects into 3D volumetric holograms with facial tracking ability, and step-by-step examples from concept to finished product. To learn more about this free-to-attend workshop, please visit

To learn more about IKIN and its holographic technology, please visit

About IKIN, Inc.

IKIN is an innovator of visual technology that enables customers and partners to offer high-resolution 3D volumetric imaging to businesses and consumers. The company has patented technology that enables solid state holograms to exist in ambient light. IKIN offers its RYZ Framework to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers looking to utilize holographic displays as a differentiator for vertical market applications. The company will also offer its RYZ Accessory-a device that enables holograms for personal use-in early 2022.

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