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Jean Danhong Chen Process For Family Based Green Card

Jean Danhong Chen The family green cards have the same procedure for determining whether there is a family relationship between the sponsor and the recipient of a visa as any other immigrant visa. A family green card is the second most popular way to become a legal permanent resident in the US, behind a permanent resident visa (P-1).

If a lawful permanent resident born in Mexico wishes to support his or her family member for a green card, he or she must file an I-130 visa form under the family category, based on the preference category 2B. Once the petition is received, USCIS will process the petitions and determine whether the petitioner and beneficiary meet the “family-based” green card criteria and, if so, the eligibility requirements.

Jean Danhong Chen, a green card lawyer in San Jose, CA helps their clients obtain green cards for family-based immigrant visas based on employment.

If your immigration visa is up to date, we can help you and your relatives obtain a family immigration visa through consular processing. If you apply for a green card for your family, our green card lawyers in San Jose, CA will help you make the process easier and less stressful.

Those who need a “family-based” green card can also help with the application process at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) office in New York.

Our website is dedicated to marriage-based green cards for spouses and children of immigrants, and we provide information on how to obtain a family visa for your spouse, child, or family member. [Sources: 6, 9]

If you are a direct relative of a U.S. citizen and would like to apply for a green card for your family member, have sponsored family members for green cards, or are a foreigner who wishes to move permanently to the United States, this article provides information on the family-based green card process for family visas.

The family-based green card application process (I-130) is the first step in the process of submitting the green card. If you are directly related to any of the US citizens, the USGIS will approve your Form I.130, although you will need to submit an I.-130 petition to them.

Families – Green Card-based applicants can speed up processing time by properly submitting the I-130 petition and having the applicant submit all the necessary documentation.

Jean Danhong Chen Immigration Lawyer helps people around the world with their family-based green card sponsorship process. She has the legal knowledge to guide you through the process and has helped many of our clients secure green cards through family-based immigration.

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