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Kids Read Now is mailing books to students’ homes – Beating learning loss in Kentucky

Kids Read Now is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the singular mission to eliminate learning loss for all K-3 students

Kids Read Now has partnered with school districts across Kentucky, including Carroll County Schools, Montgomery County Schools, Berea Independent, and Elizabethtown Independent Schools, to mail books directly to their students’ homes over the summer. The number of students in the Kids Read Now program continues to grow with almost 400,000 books being mailed to students in 2020 alone!

Most students will experience reading skill loss over a typical summer break from school. Creating home libraries is key to preventing a steep learning slide due to summer break and recent extended school closures. “Students who participate in the KRN in-home reading program see gains up to 2.5 months of learning over the summer instead of succumbing to the summer slide,” said Leib Lurie, CEO of Kids Read Now.

“Kids Read Now is a great program to help children receive free books. Many of these children in our school population have few or no books within the household,” ­said Keisha J., Classroom Teacher, Carroll County Schools.

“It [KRN summer reading program] promotes reading!” said Stacie S., Library Media Specialist, Elizabethtown Independent Schools.

The Kids Read Now K-3 summer reading program mails eight new books to students and includes exciting multicultural, fiction, and nonfiction titles loved by children. Mailing books builds ongoing enthusiasm but does not require in-home technology. Each book includes guided discussion questions to help improve reading skills and increase family engagement. The ninth book of beautifully illustrated creative writing prompts concludes the program so children can write their own stories. Best of all, kids keep their new books!

Kids Read Now is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the singular mission to eliminate learning loss for all K-3 students.

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