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Luggage To Ship provides customized moving and shipping solutions, enabling global corporates and customers to efficiently relocate to find new experiences.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 30, 2022 – Luggage to Ship Inc., an honoree of Inc 5000, a leading IoT online service platform, provides customized moving solutions, enabling corporate customers and Fortune 500 companies to efficiently relocate employees to settle down in new homes, and new communities, with new experiences. Luggage to Ship focuses on delivering international relocation services, solutions, and expertise that respond to the needs of our customers across the globe. Luggage To Ship’s door-to-door luggage and box delivery service allows you to travel or move to your destination hands-free. We are delighted to serve executives, families, and individuals, all over the world. It is the fall season and time for a new journey. Visit, and use promotion code “Travel5”.

Moving is a huge process, from finding a mover to packing up your current home and unpacking at your new one. It’s critical to make item inventories, remember to deal with utilities, and get both your stuff and yourself settled into your new home. Because moving can be time-consuming, expensive, and sometimes frustrating, planning ahead for your move can make the experience much easier. Luggage to Ship understands your needs and makes your big move to a new location easier. You can arrange for the shipment to be picked up on a day that suits you, and we will collect your items and deliver them directly to your destination. You can bypass bag checks, and luggage claims, and travel hassle-free by knowing your luggage and boxes will be already waiting for you at your new location.

Here is a checklist and tips for safe moving, packing, and shipping.
– Make a list of all the things that need to be moved
– Check shipping weight and sizes
– Use the correct packing material
– Don’t pack prohibited items
– Attach labels correctly
– Check drop-off locations or we arrange pick-up for you

Reasons to use today:
– Travel hassle-free
– Competitive cost of shipping
– Quick and easy to book tech-based system
– Door-to-door service
– Online tracking
– 24 / 7 unparalleled customer service
– Online chat or call free of charge
– Learn more at
– Email or call (800) 678-6167

About Luggage to Ship Inc.
Beyond Shipping, Moving, and Storage is a leading traveling, moving, shipping, and storage service platform that is embracing changes, and transforming the shipping, traveling, and storage industries. Luggage To Ship’s door-to-door luggage and box delivery service allows you to travel or move to your destination hands-free. Ship luggage or boxes before the journey, and let your belongings waiting for you at your destination.

You can choose from over 10,000 of Carrier’s locations to drop off or we can schedule a pickup for you. The carrier will pick up your package(s) from your home, office, hotel, or school, so you can travel now without carrying your belongings, and enjoy the journey towards the dreamland.

Luggage To Ship, an honoree of Inc 5000, is among one of the fastest growing private companies in America. Its leading and tech-enabled online platform provides shipping, moving, and storage of luggage, boxes, golf clubs, skis, and snowboards to domestic and international. By leveraging a global network of shipping partners, innovative technology, and unparalleled customer care, Luggage to Ship built an industry-leading set of online tools that allow clients to generate pricing, securely book online and track shipping, moving, and storage at real-time, and to instantly identify the most reliable, convenient, and cost-effective method for each individual booking.

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