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Making things in America isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

Whiteknuckler Brand Debuts Gen III Knife models featuring Custom American-made D2 Steel

We are bringing back American Made one product at a time!
Since its inception, the team at has been focused on making their products in America with maximum American content, not only in labor but also in materials. After years of frustration with inferior quality steel and supply interruptions, they decided enough was enough and ventured to buy directly from one of a few remaining American steel mills. This took significant investment and faith that they could move a lot of their American-made knives as the opening order was 4,000 lbs of steel.

The starting point for every Gen III build, whether it’s a production unit or a one-off from their custom department, is American D2 steel made specifically for with a little extra vanadium for increased toughness and wear resistance. By purchasing their steel directly from American mills, Whiteknuckler Brand can ensure that their products are not only American-made but also made with American steel. Beyond this, it’s also a question of quality control. Knowing the exact formula of their steel ensures precision heat treating that produces shaving-sharp blades. This ownership of their supply chain is a smart move. In a steel market filled with the steel of questionable quality and origin, this little company is making bold moves and banking on the fact that doing things right with American steel is worth it.

Traditional materials, quality, and classic looks permeate all of their designs, and their line is growing steadily. A company spokesperson said, “Our little company takes pride in manufacturing here and creating American jobs with good wages and health care”. A relative oddity in today’s ‘profits at all costs’ economy, it’s refreshing to see the team at thriving while making classic leather goods, knives, and accessories in the USA.

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