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Mary-Jean Shares Tips for the Best Fairytale Princess Party

Mary-Jean, the owner of Fairytale Princess Parties Ottawa since 2018, offers excellent insights for a successful princess birthday party.

Fairytale Princess Parties Ottawa says that planning for your child’s upcoming birthday takes time and effort to get all the details and preparations suitable for their special day.

Many parents simply don’t want the stress of hosting big birthday parties at home, and that’s why working with a professional party company like Fairytale Princess Parties Ottawa can make all the difference.

What’s more fun for a young girl than a Fairytale Princess Party? Mary-Jean, founder and owner of Fairytale Princess Parties Ottawa, knows what can make a young girl’s birthday party go from OK to spectacular. Here are some specific ways to help parents plan, prepare and produce fantastic fairytale princess parties for their young girls.

Tips from Mary-Jean


If your child’s birthday is coming up this fall, pick the date, book the party, and then send out a ‘Save the Date’ to the parents of your daughter’s friends. Fairytale Princess Parties Ottawa says to try to book at least a month in advance and pick a date that works for all your child’s friends.
You don’t want to book a party only to find out that your daughter’s best friend is away on that date.


Have the right location for the party. If you have 20 young girls attending, you’ll want a large outdoor area for the princess interaction rather than a small indoor confined space. Mary-Jean recommends that there is enough room for movement, dancing, and games.


To make things extra magical, decorate the area (backyard, park location, outdoor restaurant, etc.) where the party will be held. Pick up a balloon arch and fairytale-themed decorations to decorate the area. Outfit the party with decorations that suit the party themes, such as Royal Faire, Princess Ball, Enchanted Forest, Mermaid Lagoon, and Magical Castle.


Unless you’re at a restaurant location, Fairytail Princess Parties Ottawa explains that you’ll need to prepare and manage food for your guests. Mary-Jean recommends eating before or after the fairytale character’s visit, so the children’s attention can be focused on the princess during their time there. Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ with the birthday cake ceremony, right before the princess leaves, so she can join in the fun with the group before making her regal departure.


When it comes to capturing pictures and video, ask a family member or friend to do this or hire a local photographer. You don’t want to miss these special moments with your children and their favorite character! That way, you can have fun and enjoy the day with your daughter and friends.

A fairytale princess party is the perfect birthday treat for your little one’s birthday! If you’re in the greater Ottawa area, reach out to Mary-Jean of Fairytale Princess Parties, Ottawa’s premier princess party company. Mary-Jean will help you coordinate the perfect fairytale princess party. Differently priced packages are also available.

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