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Medical Cot Disaster Relief Company Provides Westcot & Donor Ease Products

North Carolina-based Integrity Medical Solutions (IMS) is pleased to bring its disaster relief solutions to all those affected by either natural or man-made disasters. While other companies may focus on cleanup and rebuilding efforts, IMS focuses exclusively on the human component of such events. Their products and services are designed to help evacuees and support personnel who are either directly affected by the disaster in question or working to preserve the lives of others. This includes both First Responders and Caregivers.

In particular, the company offers a handful of distinct product lines that aim to support crucial parts of an evacuation or efforts to develop temporary housing in the event that hundreds (or perhaps even thousands) of people are displaced. The products they offer are meant to be rugged enough to withstand continuous use yet be comfortable to those in need as well. For instance, one of the first things that people lose in a widespread disaster is their homes. While large buildings in nearby unaffected areas can (for instance) temporarily be reassigned for housing needs, it is another matter entirely to appropriate enough furniture for each person in need.

Fortunately, Integrity Medical Solutions’ Westcot product line provides the answer. In one aspect, these are a series of beds that are designed to serve a variety of purposes, from giving the most vulnerable populations a way to recuperate to ensuring medical response teams are able to adequately treat any victims who have been physically harmed in the disaster that prevented them from using their homes. Most if not all of these products are ADA compliant and address a specific need.

For example, the Westcot Functional Needs Cot is built low enough that an individual in a wheelchair would find it easier to transfer themselves to it with relative ease. This is also true for those in cases where injuries have made a patient less mobile, so medical personnel and others may assist such individuals with less strenuous effort. Given that disasters tend to generate many injuries in a short span of time, often placing enormous stress on the area’s medical facilities, any feature that reduces the effort a Caregiver has to utilize can mean the difference between life or death for the people in their care.

As its product description states, the Functional Needs Cot “Offers safety and comfort for the survivor and ease of use for the Responder(s) tasked with their care. Decontamination protocols and remedial storage for the Response Personnel is simplified with the WCFNC. It is intended for multiple deployments over extended periods of time at fixed or portable shelters, portable hospitals, assisted living facilities and anywhere a fully functional or Special Needs Cot is required.” Several Westcot products feature the following: a lightweight and rustproof aluminum frame, a folding design that ensures it can be stored easily as well as take up much less space when not in use and an antimicrobial soil-resistant mattress.

While disasters are known for causing various injuries, few tend to realize that this means blood supplies in the region can be exhausted quite quickly due to how many people suffer from blood loss. As such, any item that supports the efforts of medical personnel to swiftly restock with the help of donors can help save lives – and this is where the DonorEase product line comes in. These durable chairs are designed to endure as numerous people make use of them over the course of a long day, providing a firm platform from which medical personnel may work with the donor in question.

For instance, the DonorEase Tilt boasts several features that make it highly functional in such situations. This includes medical grade upholstery that is easy to clean as well as stain and abrasion resistant, an integrated ‘donor cubby’ that can be used to store a donor’s personal effects, powder coated steel construction that is durable yet easy to decontaminate and even a ‘quick switch’ replaceable mattress deck that can be removed and replaced in under a minute.

Its product description states, “The DonorEase Tilt is based on the same design platform and manufacturing specifications as the DonorEase Comfort while providing the ability to treat donor reactions. By simply releasing a pin, the donor is quickly and easily placed in the Trendelenberg position.”

Those who wish to explore how the Westcot and DonorEase catalogs can improve disaster relief efforts are welcome to contact Shaun Taylor of Integrity Medical Solutions for further details. Additional information regarding these products’ intended purpose and construction can be found on the company’s official website as well.

For more information about Integrity Medical Solutions, contact the company here:

Integrity Medical Solutions
Shaun Taylor
(855) 505-9267
1028 Railroad Ave
Shelby, NC 28150

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