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Meepology launches its campaign today for Board Gamers Everywhere

Board Gamers can soon game their personalities

You can now Game Your Personality and Make Game Nights Even Better

A new tool and company out of Austin, Texas (known for new tech ideas and home to many in the technology sector) has launched the Meepology Process that helps determine what personality trait you have the greatest strength in and matches you to what games fit your play style the best!

The creator Shane “Bogue” Bogardus was inspired by the reality that we all faced over the past year of being home bound and surrounded by family and close friends alone. “My gaming group was shut down and the outlet for gaming I once had that my family supported but did not share in was not to gather for the foreseeable future. I had to find a way that truly brought enjoyment to my family within the hobby of board games and I turned to basic psychology and really focused on what would inspire or excite them to play. It wasn’t necessarily my favorite games at first, but we found common ground in what we liked in mechanics and characteristics of a game. We have had amazing times since then. That was the spark for Meepology!”

The Kickstarter campaign launched today and can be found HERE. You can see active screenshots and support the project at different levels of interest.

Highlighted features include ranking your personalized list of games from both new and existing publishers and hearting/liking new games from the list you want to demo, purchase, and play at a later date. The most popular feature will be combining your gaming groups personality traits and generating a list of games that all will love and want to play each game night. You will be able to easily import your gaming groups libraries of games or explore the latest game titles in the market that rank the highest among the group.

Contact Bogue at Meepology for more information, interviews, and visit for more details.

About Meepology:
A web-based gaming technology developed in Austin, Texas to support and strengthen the hobby of Tabletop Gaming.

About the Creator:
Born and discarded to the wolves of the great Northern Planes, Bogue grew up a nomad. His recluse behaviour landed him in the penitentiary of the Witchic County Municipality with a population 2 -A man and his dog. A member of the Everything Board Games review team and lives with his long lost mother and his pet ferret named Meeple in Austin, TX. (Translation: A retired broadcast television and radio broadcaster turned financial planner. Bogue is an entrepreneur at heart owning multiple businesses including the latest dedicated to growing and maximizing the gaming experience for current and new gamers to the hobby. He and his son hosts the monthly podcast on video game reviews heard anywhere you get your downloads. Bogue lives with his wife, two teenage boys and his dog “Pepper Potts” in Austin, TX.)

Shane “Bogue” Bogardus
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