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MetaToys & popular game projects analog reference|Gamefi play & economic system comparison

After MetaToys was made public for all crypto and non-crypto users, the team has gradually finished building the project as a whole as we get closer to the release date. This includes a variety of experiments and innovations in the direction of Gamefi. If users have carefully read the white paper we have written, they may be impressed by the game matrix and token system.

So what are the differences between the Gamefi gameplay around NFT, MetaToys and the mature products on the market?

To answer this question effectively, we need to select projects that have certain convergence with MetaToys in the Gamefi field for comparison.

Of course, the convergence here does not mean that the two projects look alike or seem to be identical. Even if the projects look very dissimilar, they may have a lot of similarities in terms of actual gameplay or internal economic token system.Today we have selected four Gamefi projects, Axie Infinity, StarMon, Fancy and FarmWorld, to compare with MetaToys in various aspects. As a member of the crypto world, this comparison does not distinguish between the advantages and disadvantages, but simply compares the four dimensions of game categories, game play, token system and farming mechanism.

Compared to the external examination, it focuses more on the excavation of the core of the game.

First of all, we will give our conclusion.

As you can see, the four Gamefi encryption projects, Axie Infinity, StarMon, Fancy and FarmWorld, are compared in four different dimensions and given conclusions.

Firstly, the comparison is done in terms of game categories.MetaToys can be judged as having unlimited game categories based on the criteria of the game matrix program carried out by the community, with the main approach of self-research by the project owner and co-development by the partner team.

Currently, we already have four community premieres, ranging from innovative AR to classic tank battles, Bomberman, and more. Each game is different in terms of gameplay, so theoretically, the number of games that MetaToys can have will be unlimited. Each game has a different theme, they can be any kind of game, and the gameplay can include all kinds of game play.

Turning to the four Gamefi encryption projects Axie Infinity, StarMon, Fancy and FarmWorld, the games we have selected are relatively representative of Axie Infinity, StarMon, Fancy, and FarmWorld are among the influential projects in the crypto space. But when we compare them, we can see that in terms of game categories, except for MetaToys, Axie Infinity, StarMon, Fancy, and FarmWorld are four Gamefi encryption projects that are focused on making a great game. In other words, in terms of game volume and content richness, MetaToys can be said to be a huge and rich content platform.

Therefore, MetaToys is deservedly unlimited in terms of game categories and game play.

The resulting token system is inevitably different. Most Gamefi projects choose a single token or dual token system to form the overall economic system of the project, but MetaToys benefits from an uncapped number of game products, with each game issuing its own game tokens, and the project as a whole governing passes can be exchanged for circulation.

The design of this economic system greatly guarantees the economic stability of the whole project, which is also the security and stability of MetaToys’ subsequent economic aspects in the foreseeable time.

Finally, with regard to the raising mechanism, different Gamefi projects have a lot of similarities. Since most of the projects choose to use NFT as the core user carrier, NFT as the main body for character development and training is the common point of these projects, and MetaToys is no exception.

Of course, as MetaToys project takes into account more community gameplay, the investment in community plot construction is also one of the core gameplay. At the same time, the construction of community plots will affect the character’s attribute gain, and the training of NFT itself together constitute the project’s nurturing mechanism.

Among the games we selected, only FarmWorld has the same nurturing mechanism as MetaToys in this regard.

The above is a comparison of the different Gamefi projects we have selected and MetaToys. Welcome to express your opinion in the comment section.



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