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Microsoft 365 Groups Tips to Boost Collaboration with Shared Services

NYC area Microsoft Partner shares Microsoft 365 Groups tips to help organizations get the most out of this powerful solution—in a new article from Messaging Architects

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and Microsoft 365 expert, shares tips for organizations to get the most from Microsoft 365 Groups in a new article. The informative article first reviews the advantages of using Microsoft 365 Groups, including instant access to a host of shared services, such as a shared Outlook inbox and calendar, SharePoint document library, OneNote notebook, planner and more.

The author then explains the right place to create and manage a Group and how to prevent group sprawl with expiration policies. He then encourages business leaders to use sensible naming policies and to automatically populate Groups with dynamic group membership.

“The Groups feature in Microsoft 365 streamlines collaboration, facilitating teamwork across the company,” stated Greg Smith, Vice President of Services Delivery at Messaging Architects. “Understanding some basic concepts will allow organizations get the most out of this powerful solution.”

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Microsoft 365 Groups Tips to Boost Collaboration with Shared Services.”

Advantages of Microsoft Groups

“First, a quick Microsoft 365 Groups primer. You will not find Groups on a list of Microsoft 365 apps, and it does not replace Microsoft Teams. Instead, think of Groups as a membership service built on Azure Active Directory (AAD). In fact, anyone who has created a SharePoint site collection or a new group in Outlook has created a Microsoft 365 group.”

Prevent Group Sprawl with Expiration Policies

“Because a Microsoft 365 tenant can hold up to 500,000 groups, organizations need to manage the lifecycle of those groups mindfully. As group owners move on to other employment or projects end, a group may no longer prove necessary. Without proper management, groups can get out of control. Expiration policies provide a handy solution to group sprawl.”

Use Naming Policies

“Microsoft also provides the ability to define naming policies. When implemented, naming policies help to ensure that anyone can identify the purpose and origination of the group at a glance. They also allow administrators to block specific words. The naming convention applies to the group name, as well as its alias and associated email address.”

Automatically Populate Groups with Dynamic Group Membership

“In addition to manual group creation, AAD supports dynamic group membership. This consists of a series of rules that automatically add or remove group members based on user attributes such as department or title. When the attributes of a user account change, the system checks the dynamic group rules to determine if any of them apply.”

Implementing Microsoft 365 Groups Tips

Configuring the powerful features of Groups can be complex. The Microsoft 365 experts at Messaging Architects assist organizations in understanding Microsoft Groups and managing groups through assessments and group life-cycle management.

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