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Microsoft Loop Smooths Collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace

NYC area Microsoft Partner explains how Microsoft Loop breaks free of traditional application boundaries to facilitate fluid collaboration—in a new article from Messaging Architects

Messaging Architects, an eMazzanti Technologies Company and Microsoft expert, explains the new Microsoft Loop productivity app in a new article. The informative article first explains how Loop crosses application boundaries to facilitate collaboration in the hybrid workplace.

The author then relates how Loop users collaborate without jumping back and forth between applications and no longer need to worry about multiple file formats. He then explains how Microsoft will make Loop available both in Teams and as a standalone app. He concludes by discussing the utility of Loop Components, Pages and Workspaces.

“By breaking free of the traditional boundaries between applications, Microsoft Loop facilitates fluid collaboration in the hybrid workplace,” stated Greg Smith, Vice President of Services Delivery at Messaging Architects.

Below are a few excerpts from the article, “Microsoft Loop Smooths Collaboration in the Hybrid Workplace.”

Loop in Teams vs. Standalone Loop App

“Continuing the theme of flexibility, Loop will be available to users in a couple of different ways. Beginning this month, Microsoft 365customers will be able to use various Loop components in Microsoft Teams chats and other Office apps. Additionally, Microsoft will release a standalone Loop app.”

Microsoft Loop Components

“Loop components (also referred to as “live” components) are the single blocks of productivity on which colleagues collaborate. These include items such as a list, note or task. Users create them in whatever Office app they wish and then share them by embedding them in a chat, document, meeting, or email. Edits appear in real time along with the initials of the editor.”

Loop Pages

“A Loop page provides a place to organize a group of related components. Think of it as a single document that includes elements from multiple applications. For instance, users no longer need to open Excel to edit a spreadsheet, then Outlook to view a related email and Word to work with item descriptions. Instead, the page includes all those components in one space.”

Loop Workspaces

“A Loop workspace looks like a project board that includes all pages and components related to a project. People can track the entire project from one location, checking progress, joining a discussion and collaborating both synchronously and asynchronously.”

Timeline for Loop Availability

Microsoft has already begun rollout of some Loop components across Microsoft 365 apps. More components will become available for public preview in Teams, Outlook, and OneNote in the coming months. And, while Microsoft has not announced a date for the rollout of the standalone Loop app, insiders envision a summer 2022 timeframe.

As Microsoft continues to develop productivity and security tools, business leaders reach out to the Microsoft experts at Messaging Architects. They guide businesses through configuring Microsoft apps for optimal use and even help them use features not yet discovered.

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