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Montana LLC: 5 Star Registration Named Top Car Registration Service in Montana

5 Star Registration is proud to be named the top registered agent in Montana by MarketWatch.

HELENA, Mont., September 2, 2022 – 5 Star Registration, a leading provider of Montana Agent Car Registration Services, is proud to announce they have been named the Top Montana LLC Registration Service by MarketWatch

5 Star Registration provides the best car registration service in Montana with its Montana LLC registration service being the fastest. The top services were tested on timeliness, customer service, and price. 

If a client is thinking of buying an exotic car, like a Ferrari, it is important to understand how registering a client’s vehicle in Montana can be a huge benefit. 5 Star Registration does a great job informing potential customers of the benefits of registering in Montana. First off, a client doesn’t have to pay vehicle sales tax when they register their car in a Montana LLC. Secondly, the yearly registration costs are lower in Montana than in other states. The cost to maintain an LLC is $49 a year in Montana.

5 Star Registration was also one of the only Montana LLC Registered Agents that answers their phone on the weekends. The other provider to do this is 1 Dollar Montana, which was second on the list of top agents. Of the five agents reviewed, 5 Star Registration was the highest rated. 

A 5 Star Registration client will have Montana license plates and Montana tags, and they are completely legal in any state, and this law has been held up in the State Supreme Court

One big benefit of registering in Montana is they offer permanent plates, unlike many other states, and easy online renewals. Their team simply sets up a client’s Montana LLC for their vehicle and the client doesn’t have to live in Montana to register a vehicle. 

Having done this for years, 5 Star Registration knows the ins and outs of registering any vehicle. From Ferraris to RVs to boats, the 5 Star team has any client covered. While many other registered agents can only handle one type of vehicle, 5 Star Registration has a wide grasp on vehicle types.

If a car owner is looking to create an LLC in Montana, 5 Star Registration has any client covered at

About 5 Star Registration:

5 Star Registration is the top Montana LLC registered agent service helping customers set up LLCs in the state of Montana and register their vehicles in their LLCs. We believe in having the best customer service and price to ensure clients have a great experience working with us. 

(406) 540-6222

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