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MOOD Skin Care Recognized for Their Unique Mental Health-Focused Approach to Skin Care

MOOD, a European-inspired skin care brand, has been recognized for their unique approach to skin care. By incorporating aromatherapy, MOOD’s products are infused with essential oils that can have mood-enhancing effects. The use of therapeutic-grade essential oils creates a product designed to care for the skin and the mind. All of MOOD’s products contain Broad Spectrum CBD (cannabidiol), which has anti-inflammatory properties. MOOD strictly uses natural, clinic-grade ingredients that were formulated by skin experts and Ayurvedic professionals to create products that are effective in resolving common skin concerns such as acne and hyperpigmentation, while enhancing one’s mental health.


“Caring for your skin is an empowering routine, but unfortunately there are a lot of unregulated products on the market that are not as effective as they claim. In fact, some can even be damaging,” said Kristina Centnere, co-founder of MOOD skin care. “At MOOD, we formulate skin care products that create an experience beneficial to both the customer’s skin and their mental state.”

MOOD carries a variety of inclusive products that can be used by all skin types and tones. Their best-selling product of 2021 is a natural skin brightening serum, which contains turmeric, retinaldehyde, kojic acid and licorice root. Unlike many brightening serums on the market that cannot be used by customers with darker skin tones, this product line was specifically designed to be effective and safe for all.

MOOD is committed to mental health beyond its products aromatherapy benefits. A portion of every sale is given to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America to increase awareness about mental health.

MOOD currently offers free shipping for orders in the United States over $50.

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