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Mulberry Colburn Associates: US Stocks will outperform in 2022

At a press conference on Monday Mulberry Colburn Associates, a Hong Kong based financial advisory firm released their 4th Quarter FY21 Financial Results. Their asset allocation strategy focused almost entirely on the US capital markets as they expected the US markets to outperform due to the amount of pandemic-era stimulus to support the economy. Their US focused Legacy Portfolio realized a 36% yield in FY21, and has averaged 29.4% return over the past 6 years. With stock picks such as NVDA +95% FY21, MRNA +230% FY21, and TSLA +190% FY21, it is no surprise that Mulberry Colburn Associates is expanding their presence with regional offices in Europe.

With rates near zero and hotter than anticipated inflation, this has paved the way for the central bank to unwind its bond buying. While the Fed said that interest rates will stay near zero for now, the tapering of bond purchases is seen as the first step on the way to interest-rate hikes. On Wall St, there is a saying “the trend is your friend until it ends” … the days of easy money in the markets are nearing an end. Over the past decade, investors were able to invest in index tracker funds, such as the S&P 500, DJIA or the NASDAQ and realize double digit returns. Market dynamics have changed and looking into FY22, it will be a stock pickers market. Widely diversified ETFs and tracker funds are expected to underperform due to the Fed tapering. Asset allocation should focus on a balanced portfolio with companies in a strong financial position and execution should be based on fundamental research.

“Mulberry Colburn Associates multi-asset approach has been a huge success, bringing in more than 5,000 new clients in the last year alone. “Also included are a considerable number of small and medium-sized businesses that are seeking to compensate the loss of income generated in their respective industries due to the pandemic “said Richard Wong Chief Executive Officer”

“Mulberry Colburn Associates is known within the inner circles of the financial sector as being ahead of the curve, in terms of macro market trends and news flow. “In terms of safe guarding their investors, capital preservation remains the primary mandate for their analysts when selecting stocks particularly in these market conditions”.

Trevor Bauer – Mulberry Colburn Associates

About- Mulberry Colburn Associates

It works with each of its customers to provide a wide range of financial services and investment solutions that are tailored to each individual’s financial goals. Mulberry Colburn has developed working ties with both individuals and businesses in order to develop and implement robust programs that have yielded proven outcomes for its clients. Mulberry Colburn is committed to creating a positive difference in your financial future, which they accomplish by prioritizing their customers’ requirements.

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Company name: Mulberry Colburn Associates
Contact name: Trevor Bauer
Company address: Malaysia Building 47-50, Floor 12, Gloucester Road Wan Chai Hong Kong
Website URL:
Phone: +85230183081

SOURCE: Mulberry Colburn Associates

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