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New Book by PCI Certified Parent Coach® Offers Parenting Advice for Parents of Children in Foster Care

Experienced foster parent Sarah Salisott is releasing a book, Welcome to the Foster Lane.

Sarah Salisott is an experienced foster parent and a PCI Certified Parent Coach®. Known as “the coach who’s been there,” Sarah has an abundance of personal experience, working as a licensed level 4 foster parent who specializes in parenting teenage girls with mental health struggles. She partners with Child Protection Services to bring parenting services to parents whose children are in out-of-home care. Her book, Welcome to the Foster Lane, contains invaluable advice and parenting help based on her own extensive experience.

“Fostering is hard; it’s easier as a team,” says Sarah. “The Foster Lane helps support biological parents by offering coaching aimed at removing barriers to reunification as well as foster parents by offering coaching aimed at creating more connecting moments for however long the child lives in their home.”

Sarah’s approach is cooperative and nonjudgmental. She runs her coaching programs via Zoom and in person, working collaboratively with parents and building on their strengths while offering a future-focused, action-oriented approach to solving difficulties and challenges. As Sarah began to see positive results from her approach to parenting, she took the advice of her child’s social worker and completed a graduate-level program with the Parent Coach Institute (PCI). This led to her establishing her business as a parent coach.

Welcome to the Foster Lane represents the culmination of her own experience as a foster parent, along with knowledge gathered from other parenting experts.

“The intention of the book is to raise awareness and normalize parenting struggles and successes while raising a child in out of home care,” says Sarah. “Regardless of their treatment, children maintain a strong connection to their biological parents in their minds and hearts; the faster a foster parent is able to honor the child’s family of origin, the faster they will be able to develop a meaningful connection with that child; fostering has many challenging aspects and parents need support.”

When she first started fostering, Sarah found an almost complete lack of information or support available and had to do her own research, motivating her to write a blog based on her experiences, and then to launch a book.

The ebook will be released on May 21, and the paperback on June 25.

Press Contact:
Sarah Salisott
Phone: 920-540-8949

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