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New Fictional Work Draws from True Stories to Showcase How One Woman Escaped an Abusive Narcissist

“Pain Behind Broken Vases” (ISBN: 978-1952521331) by Amilia Powers is the result of eight true stories of relational manipulation, control and abuse. Powers has combined stories from several women’s real-life experiences into the voice of one. Through a page-turning series of events, the main character, named after the author (Amilia), demonstrates how she manages to flee a dangerous and narcissistic relationship while working to re-create a life of her own.

In “Pain Behind Broken Vases,” Amilia, a widow who’s been grieving a love for several years, is ready to open her heart again. She’s drawn to a seemingly charming man who she feels will help her heart to heal. What she finds is completely the opposite. She’s entered into a world of deceit, pain and torment. While she tries to hold onto those first early days in the relationship when things were peaches and cream, she slowly realizes she has to escape the clutches of this abusive man with a hidden agenda.

Each chapter creates stunning tension and builds to a final conclusion that will leave the reader breathless, yet somehow wanting more. The book resembles a thriller and most will find it difficult to put down.

“Pain Behind Broken Vases” was mostly written to inspire women who are in abusive relationships or who have experienced domestic violence and/or emotional abuse to get out while they still can. It showcases how belief in oneself and personal motivation and strength can save a life – their own.

“There are no regrets necessary in life, only opportunities to learn from mistakes that are the result of wrong choices,” Powers says. “This philosophy is the foundation of all my messages and I hope helps people to make better choices.”

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About the Author

Amilia is the author and co-author of several other books – all written to help people learn and heal. She’s the author of a blog series, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again,” and mentors women in individual and group settings and on forums to help them through life’s often difficult transitions.

She supports and encourages her clients to rebuild their lives, one piece at a time while gaining strength, love and a greater sense of self so they can live a happier and healthier life. Her guided and personalized meditations are tools for the soul. Amilia is an active member of Toastmasters International, has two children and five grandchildren and lives in Rhode Island with her husband.

Caption: “Pain Behind Broken Vases” by Amilia Powers.

News Source: Amilia Powers

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