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NEW Innovative Mobility Device: Zeen® Disrupts Walker/Wheelchair Industries

Empowers Sitting, Standing, Strolling, Coasting, Exercising and More

A revolutionary new mobility device called Zeen debuts today in the wide-open space between walkers and wheelchairs.

Hall-of-Fame Inventor Garrett Brown is no stranger to the ‘R’ word.  Stanley Kubrick famously predicted Brown’s Steadicam® invention “…should revolutionize the way films are shot.”

Now, fueled by their desire to help people with mobility and lifestyle challenges, Brown and his inventing partners have created the equally startling Zeen.  A first of its kind, the lightweight, folding Zeen uses proprietary lifting and caster technology to help get users up and about and moving with confidence. Pre-orders are available now at Live demo events are coming to Southern California starting September 2021.

“I was with my 97-year-old dad for weeks as he declined in 2013,” said Brown, “and I watched his cohort struggling with walkers and wheelchairs—the former, slow and in-the-way and not cool, the latter, a one-way ticket to not walking. There has to be something better, something that doesn’t yet exist, that could help people keep doing what they love.”  Six months later, starting with partner Chris Fawcett, Brown began recruiting his dream team to chase the basic idea:  weightless transition between seated height and stand-up saddle; safe ambulating and coasting; sociable relaxing in ‘barstool mode,’ and hands-free access for lifestyle tasks.

Garrett adds, “Zeen is a homage to ‘Draisine’—the proto-bicycle invented by Baron von Drais in 1816.  Imagine a big comfortable saddle surrounded by four uniquely agile wheels.”  The Zeen supports a novel hybrid of riding and walking that encourages one’s normal gait.  Users can stroll, stride, coast and gracefully sit down and rise back up in a functionally weightless condition—without having to exit the device.

Garrett’s partners contributed a host of exclusive features including ‘Dual-State’ casters and swivelling saddles with retracting seatbelts, plus Brown’s powerful lifting tech—evolved from his camera-lifting arms—that can ‘float’ people weighing up to 250 lbs.

Pre-adjusted with one’s inseam length and desired amount of lift, the Zeen effortlessly raises up to standing, walking and ‘barstool’ heights and gently lowers to become a comfortable chair; so rehabbing or geriatric persons can get back on their feet and even transition to coasting (or ‘Zeening‘), while the saddle/seat-belt combo helps reduce the risk of falls.

Mobility devices don’t need to look like medical equipment.  Zeen was created to be stylish and pleasing in design and function; and ‘Zeening’ can help users stay active and encourage overall wellness.  Studies show that being upright is beneficial for cardiac, circulatory, muscular, digestive, and even psychological fitness—since one can remain comfortably eye-to-eye in social situations.

Zeen is available for pre-order online today. Live demonstrations, special events, and pop-ups to be announced for Southern California, other West Coast areas for the fall of 2021. To stay up to date on all things Zeen, for information, and to find your nearest demo location, visit

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