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Newly Emerging Social Media Platform YoReSpot Dedicated to Unity and User Safety

YoReSpot is a newly emerging social media platform for people who want a calm and community-like online experience. Created and owned by Brandon Irlbeck, of Bayard, Iowa, with the belief that people deserve a secure social media option that can help bring people together without controlling what they do. Irlbeck made YoReSpot to be unbiased and open to people of all views, beliefs, nationalities, and to focus on site safety.


“We aren’t in competition with any other company,” Irlbeck stated, “nor do we ever plan to be. YoReSpot’s goal is to give people another option; one with security, unity and that is free from censorship.”

YoReSpot is powered by a newly installed server system, that provides a smooth and safe experience for it’s users. Load balancing servers and strong firewalls give YoReSpot’s members guaranteed information protection and an online experience with zero server downtime. The Privacy Policy clearly states that any information input to create an account will remain undisclosed, as there are no Third Party Companies associated with YoReSpot. Any files created on the YoReSpot servers are also hosted by the same system, giving users even more guarantee that their information and their posts are all safe.

“User security is one of the top priorities,” Irlbeck says, “we promise to never share user information with anyone for any reason.”

Being censorship free does not mean there are no rules. YoReSpot does not promote or condone hate-speech, violence, nudity or illegal activities. “Free speech doesn’t mean freedom to break the law,” says Irlbeck. In YoReSpot’s case, censorship free means a user won’t get banned or lose an account due to a typo, a meme posted, a conversation had, or for beliefs and views held.

Independently owned and operated, YoReSpot is an online home to thousands of members. With user numbers reaching over 150,000, YoReSpot is quickly becoming a preferred online community for many.

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