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Next Level Trucking Program Offers Clients Their Own Business & Helps Accelerate its Startup

Next Level Trucking Program has recently introduced a trucking logistics and fleet management program for foreign nationals. This program features opportunities for both investors and drivers to achieve professional success in the trucking and freight shipping industries. The Next Level team helps others diversify financial streams and secure projects that help others achieve success in an American industry.

The Next Level Trucking Program is designed to be accessible for people interested in participating in the $700B trucking industry, no matter where they are located. Experience in the trucking industry is not required, nor is it necessary to have a CDL license or to be an owner-operator. By participating in the program, interested parties can own their collateral while reaping the benefits of freight-hauling under a trucking company with a great reputation lasting over 120 years.

In an effort to simplify the process, the Next Level Trucking Program handles all aspects of establishing a successful trucking business. The firm will set up the trucking business and facilitate the purchase of a semi-truck. The next Level Trucking Program also recruits and screens potential drivers, handles daily management of the business and driver, and establishes long-term contracts with major carriers that comply with FMCA and DOT. This process allows participating parties to bring in net profits of 125%, even in the first year without having to carry out the hard work themselves.

For more information on the Next Level Training Program, including information on starting a business and opportunities for foreign investors, visit

About Next Level Trucking Program:
Next Level Trucking Program is designed to help people invest in themselves and achieve success in the trucking industry as a business owner.

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