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Night Shift Development Announces ClearQuery SaaS Beta Expands Its Enterprise Solution to Customers in the Private Sector

Night Shift Development knows that technology solutions should work for the user – not the other way around. Removing the typical technical barriers and blockers, ClearQuery democratizes data and simplifies analytics for everyone.

Night Shift Development (NSD), creators of ClearQuery, augmented intelligence and conversational analytics platform, today announced it has launched a public beta of the SaaS version of its flagship product. This announcement comes on the heels of signing an OEM partnership agreement with Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack. As an OEM Partner of Elastics, Night Shift Development will continue to sell its enterprise solution to customers in the public sector and expand to the private sector.

Today’s companies collect and generate data at exponential rates. While this data is an organization’s most valuable asset, 70% of these organizations can’t extract meaningful insights from it. Night Shift Development is committed to helping business users and domain experts process their data by providing solutions that generate rapid and actionable intelligence from it. By removing the typical technical barriers and blockers, Night Shift Development aims to democratize data and simplify analytics for everyone.

ClearQuery, is an augmented intelligence and analytics platform designed for nontechnical users that allows end-users to rapidly search, explore, and analyze their data through an intuitive interface that enables clear visual, conversational, and traditional search and analytics experiences while producing automated insights as users explore their data. One of the ways ClearQuery does this is by natural language questions into Elasticsearch queries.

This intuitive system provides value immediately, unlike other tools which require users to put in significant amounts of work before they can exploit their business data to help them operate more efficiently. Night Shift Development believes that technology solutions should work for the user – not the other way around. With ClearQuery, they hope to help businesses all over the world to analyze their data through an intuitive interface that produces automated insights and illuminates hidden relationships in data.

“We believe that every business user – at any technical level in an organization – should be empowered to speak directly with their data and tell stories with it,” says Night Shift Development CEO and cofounder Tim Tutt. “With our flagship product, ClearQuery, business analysts and domain experts don’t need to learn some complex query language just to get value from their data.”

Night Shift’s new SaaS offering of ClearQuery is designed to further lower that barrier to entry in data analytics for business analysts and domain experts. Users can quickly upload a spreadsheet, connect a Google Sheet, or connect to an existing Elasticsearch cluster (self-managed or in the cloud). If you’re interested in trying it out on your business data, you can sign up for the SaaS Beta here.

“ClearyQuery was built from the ground up on top of Elasticsearch, allowing us to bring the best of both offerings to our customers. Elastic has been one of Night Shift’s most strategic partners and we’re excited to continue developing this relationship and providing a significant impact to our customers in both the public and private sectors”, Tutt said.

Elasticsearch, part of the Elastic Stack, is a distributed, free and open search and analytics engine for all types of data. Elasticsearch gained popularity among developers due to its speed, scalability, and simple REST APIs that allow developers to get started easily. ClearQuery builds upon that to extend the power of Elasticsearch analytic capabilities to business users.

“Night Shift is a valued partner to Elastic in the federal market, and we are excited about their expansion into the commercial sector as they continue to pursue their mission of democratizing data analytics with ClearQuery and the Elastic Stack and enabling users of any technical skill level to realize analytic value from their data,” said Steven A. Coles, US Federal at Elastic.

By putting power into the hands of business users and domain experts, businesses can rapidly take advantage of the tremendous amounts of data they collect and make more informed data-driven decisions to increase revenue, profits, security posture and overall business efficiency.

About Night Shift Development
Night Shift Development is a Virginia-based data exploitation company that builds solutions to help organizations make sense of their data. The NSD team is made up of software engineers, data scientists, and practitioners with tremendous amounts of experience in solving hard problems and answering questions with data.

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