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Nut Pasteurization Equipment Supplier Napasol Reinforces Team with Almond Board of California Process Authority Approval

Market leader in the pasteurization of tree nuts, Napasol supplies turnkey processing lines to the food industry. With customers on all continents, Napasol can now offer validation services of the Pasteurization equipment thus completing the full commissioning of its plants.

Thomas Bonzon Ivarsson was approved on October 7th 2021 by the Almond Board of California as a Process Authority. In his role as R&D and Process Application Manager at Napasol he is involved in the commissioning of the Napasol pasteurization lines. As a solution provider to its customers this additional validation service now allows Napasol to complete the delivery of a full-service package.

Dieter Kundig, CEO of Napasol AG says “Mr. Bonzon Ivarsson’s experience on many plant validations and his completion of several Food Safety training courses, have qualified him for this crucial responsibility”. Beyond the US market and the Almond industry, with this approval Napasol validation services can be offered to customers in the tree nut industry and for many other low moisture food applications suitable for the technology.

Thomas Bonzon Ivarsson graduated from the University of Oregon in Political Science and has been working with Napasol since 2006. He optimizes the pasteurization process, develops new applications, manages the startup of new installations and provides training to customers. He oversees the validation process conducting microbiological challenge tests with accredited laboratories, and produces the validation report.

Under the USDA Agriculture and marketing order the Almond Board of California regulates the almond industry. Since 2007 the almond industry is subject to a mandatory pasteurization program and specific validation procedures were put in place that are followed by the food industry for most low moisture foods. Risk assessments published by the FDA show that all tree nuts would benefit from a preventive control for Salmonella. A validation step is required to demonstrate the effectiveness of the pasteurization process. The Napasol pasteurization plants in operation around the world have all been validated with a performance of >5log reduction.

For all nuts the Napasol pasteurization process ensures food safety while maintaining the raw characteristics of the nut. In the tree nut industry Napasol has validated plants for Almonds, Walnuts, Hazelnuts, Macadamia, Cashews, Pistachios, Brazil nuts, and pine nuts.

Napasol AG, Zug, Switzerland, sells its Pasteurization technology with applications for nuts, seeds, herbs, spices and other low moisture foods. With over 35 plants up and running Napasol is the market leader in the pasteurization of tree nuts. The Napasol process applies dry saturated steam in a partial vacuum delivering a very effective microbiological reduction at relatively low temperatures and no drying step is needed.

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