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OnTheClock Launches Timesheet Photo and Image Attachments Feature

OnTheClock’s timesheet photo and image attachments feature allow employees to upload images of themselves when clocking in and out to prevent time theft. Employees can also upload images of job progress, invoices, equipment, and material used to complete a job.

OnTheClock, a leader in employee time tracking software, recently launched a new feature that allows users to upload photo and image attachments to employee timesheets. The reputable tech company designed the feature to improve communication between employees and employers, prevent employee time theft, and tie information back to labor hours from field workers and different job locations. The newly created feature is expected to have an extraordinary impact on thousands of small businesses worldwide.

“We saw photo attachments as a way for customers and their teams to share valuable information, so it made sense for us to build it for them,” said Dean Mathews, CEO of OnTheClock.

Attaching important information to employee timesheets has never been easier. The intuitive feature offers the ability to have employees upload photos of themselves to their timesheets during the clock-in and clock-out process so employers and managers can conveniently access imagery data. Additionally, the powerful new feature offers the ability to upload photos of equipment, invoices, job progress, and more.

You can explore additional information about the time clock photo and image attachment feature here.

OnTheClock understands how business owners and managers may not always be able to be at the job site at all times. With the development of the new feature, OnTheClock is hopeful it will improve business production, streamline the communication process, and eliminate employee time theft.

About OnTheClock:

Established in 2004, OnTheClock has been dedicated to providing the latest technology in cloud-based employee time tracking software. With over 14,000 active companies using their software, OnTheClock continues to meet demands by continuously developing new time tracking features for small businesses to document and report job-related information accurately.

Visit to learn more about their software and how they are growing.

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