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Paver Supply Company Opens New Distribution Yard in Defuniak Springs, FL

Paved 2 Perfection, a paver supply company, opened a new distribution yard in Defuniak Springs, Florida on March 2nd, 2021. The company already offers its services in Jacksonville, Florida, and the surrounding areas of Orange Park, Nocatee, St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Yulee, Nassau County, Fernandina Beach, and Macclenny.

The company supplies pavers for projects such as pool patios, driveways, walkways, backyard patios, and even outdoor fireplaces. Paved 2 Perfection says that high quality paving that lasts and looks great is hard to pick out. It requires a designer’s eye for details and an engineer’s knowledge of materials. It is a marriage between science and art that elevates an outdoor space to its best possible aesthetic look, while making it functional and usable at the same time.

Paving is the kind of landscaping that opens up the possible uses of outdoor space. Apart from being a matter of pride for the homeowner, guests will find the area to be refreshing and inviting. It creates a welcoming first impression that will leave guests with a pleasant memory. Apart from adding to a home’s beauty, it also adds value to a property.

Paved 2 Perfection also has a great relationship with contractors and real estate developers in the area. When these companies have large jobs that need to be done on a timeframe, they need to work with a paver supply company they can rely on to not only do a good job, but also make sure it’s completed efficiently. With everything that goes into constructing new homes and buildings, it goes without saying that working with a paver supply company that can take care of all aspects of the job is a must, especially one that uses quality materials, and has a vast inventory to choose from.

As the only authorized Tremron dealer in Defuniak Springs, contractors and real estate developers love the selection that Paved 2 Perfection brings to the table. In addition to that, they also offer delivery of the materials needed for the job in advance. Delivery is crucial for contractors and developers because they do not always have the time, or the equipment, to get all the materials they need to their jobsite. The kind of one-stop-shop that Paved 2 Perfection offers works perfectly for companies that need large paving jobs done quickly, but still with a high level of quality.

There are a lot of material options when it comes to pavers such as concrete, stone, bricks, tiles, and asphalt. The right selection depends on the desired use of the space, the weather, and the presence of focal point installations such as fireplaces. Price is also a factor as some kinds of paving like stone can be expensive. There are other options like sandstone or gravel for the more budget-conscious purchaser. Mixed paving can be an option for those looking to decorate a space with different visual textures.

A spokesperson for the company says, “We pride ourselves on providing the best pavers for any kind of job. We believe that customer satisfaction happens only when excellent service is provided along with a quality product. We are with the customer every step of the way to help them make the right decision. Our experts will help the customer pick out the exact paving that will turn their outdoor area into a natural extension of the house. When you come to us, you are putting your trust in the best people that understand paving thoroughly. We also care deeply about the customer’s experience. There is no other paver company in Florida that matches our service. The new yard will help us bring our expertise to even more people in Defuniak Springs, Destin, Santa Rosa Beach, Fort Walton Beach and all surrounding areas.”

One thing that their customers love about Paved 2 Perfection is the communication they offer during every step of the process. This is especially useful for contracting and development companies that have construction underway. They love being updated as to when the materials are going to be delivered, when the job will be started, when it will be completed, and any complications that might arise during the process. When their customers cannot dedicate their entire lives to ensuring their paving project is completed to their satisfaction, they are comforted in the knowledge that a company like Paved 2 Perfection has their best interests in mind.

To highlight this point, a testimonial highlighted on the company’s website says, “My experience with Paved 2 Perfection was excellent! Ed Vaks gave me a good quote and good recommendations, based on my landscape and the goals I wanted to achieve. When it came time for the installation, everything rolled along smoothly, and I was notified in advance of the materials’ delivery and the schedule. And now I have a couple of “problem areas” beautifully paved! Highly recommended.”

The new distribution yard’s address is 9321 US Highway 331 S, Defuniak Springs, FL 32435. The company can be reach at (850) 398-9574. The company can also be reached via email at There is a contact form on the company website for those who prefer to use that. Customers can also view the company Facebook page for regular updates.

For more information about Paved 2 Perfection, contact the company here:

Paved 2 Perfection
(904) 516-7919
9321 US Highway 331 S
Defuniak Springs, Fl 32435

SOURCE: Paved 2 Perfection

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