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Ponddy Education Develops Revolutionary Ponddy Chinese Dictionary App

Announcing the world’s first Chinese Dictionary app aligned to the new Chinese proficiency grading standards

Ponddy Education Inc. announces the immediate release of its Chinese Dictionary App to assist students in their quest to learn Chinese. Ponddy Chinese Dictionary is the first Chinese Dictionary App to align its vocabulary with the new Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education.

The New Grading Standards for Chinese language proficiency require a consistent approach to evaluating a learner’s ability to recognize and use characters, syllables and grammar in verbal and written communication activities, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, translating, and interpreting. Learners are graded according to three levels and nine bands of competency.

When students use the Ponddy Chinese Dictionary to look up a vocabulary word, the app displays multiple features that correspond to the word, including the pinyin, part of speech, translation, standardized level, sample sentences, and related images. The dictionary app also suggests related words to extend learning as students acquire vocabulary through integrated exercises.

Practice results are updated to create progress reports in real-time, helping students identify learning gaps and manage progress.

Ponddy Education’s Commitment to Excellence in Chinese Language Instruction

The Ponddy Chinese Dictionary is the first Chinese dictionary app published with leveled vocabulary aligned to the New Grading Standards. Using adaptive branching techniques, the novel app presents word searches, integration exercises, progress reports, and live lessons for additional support. This app is a perfect tool for learners to prepare for the rigorous Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) Chinese Proficiency Test.

The Ministry of Education and the State Language Commission of China announced that the new Chinese language proficiency standards will be implemented worldwide on July 1st, 2021. Because of this change, the HSK test also will align with the required Chinese Proficiency standards in 2022.

The standardized HSK test identifies three levels of Chinese language proficiency for non-native speakers, such as international students and Chinese students living overseas. Foreign students must show Chinese language competency by passing the HSK test before enrolling in a college in China.

The Ponddy Chinese Dictionary assists learners with these benchmarks, evaluations, and skills.

Ponddy Chinese Dictionary App Features

By providing immediate user feedback, the Ponddy Chinese Dictionary App allows learners to:

1. Look up words
When retrieving a learner’s vocabulary word, the app presents multiple characteristics and dimensions. Ponddy’s AI technology recommends similar search results and helps learners extend their scope of learning. Additionally, learners can save their vocabulary searches and later pick up where they left off.

2. Confirm learning
Learners can consolidate any vocabulary with integrated exercises, followed by three settings, including translation, pronunciation and pinyin order.

3. Visualize progress
Every student profile indicates learning levels and creates progress reports in real-time based on the student’s history record and query. The app encourages learners to understand their learning progress and share their learning results with their community.

4. Engage in live, personalized lessons
Ponddy provides online Chinese courses as a supplement. Learners can take Online Chinese courses with a one-on- one certified teacher and AI language platform.

Why the New Grading Standards Alignment Matters

Data indicates a critical need for the Ponddy Chinese Dictionary app, the most effective learning tool for the 25 million Chinese language learners outside of China. According to China Daily, more than 75 countries now include the Chinese language in their national education systems. University students learn Chinese at one of over 4,000 campuses worldwide.

Furthermore, the New Grading Standards “will become the basis of international Chinese language examinations, provide a reference for the curriculum design, textbook compilation, classroom teaching, and testing of international Chinese education around the world, and it will provide an important basis for the construction of various new models and platforms of international Chinese education.”

International communication and cultural continuity depend on language standards like those established by the new grading standards. The Ponddy Chinese app puts AI learning in the hands of Chinese learners everywhere.

Educator Testimony

Already educators have praised the Ponddy Chinese Dictionary app.

“I highly recommend the Ponddy Chinese Dictionary app to Chinese instructors and students,” said Yinghui Wu, Dean of Research Institute of International Chinese Language Education / Dean of Research Institute of Overseas Chinese Education.“This is the first app with vocabulary graded according to the new Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education. It doesn’t only have all the functions and resources of a general dictionary, but also has AI technology to provide relevant practices for learners. It will greatly improve the efficiency of Chinese teaching and learning.”

Ponddy Education Is for Global Learners of All Ages

Ponddy Education specializes in teenage and adult Chinese education with its unique Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS®). Ponddy is ACS-WASC accredited and also a College Board-approved institution providing high school credit-eligible courses from beginner to AP levels. With Ponddy education, students have the most effective access to a personalized curricular approach that blends targeted instruction, AI support, and lifelong learning.

The Ponddy Education Chinese Dictionary is the latest tool in an emerging collection of learning platforms that assist students in meeting the The New Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education in 2021 and beyond.

About Ponddy Education

Ponddy Education is the leading innovative Chinese language education provider with the Ponddy® Smart Learning brand. Ponddy offers an integrated Mandarin Chinese solution for learners and organizations. Powered by advanced AKLS® AI technology, Ponddy® Smart Learning provides individualized courses and intelligent tools that deliver optimal language learning results. Ponddy Tutors, our teacher-led online course platform, helps students progress through modules built for their specific levels and interests. Ponddy Reader, our AI platform, allows students to create dynamic review content and practice activities for learning engagement beyond the classroom. Finally, students can earn high school foreign language credits with our ACS-WASC accredited courses.

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