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Prestige Patron Launched Smart Webcam “AimGoalar” To help Users Work From Home

Prestige Patron

People’s life and work forms have changed because of the impact of the pandemic. Long-distance offices and working from home have become the trend. However, one still cannot escape the daily meeting schedules even when working from home. Office workers must attend meetings in front of their camera and make sure that their face appears in the image. In order to increase the level of participation, people are tied to the camera but once they are not paying attention, they may still get out of range from the camera. This is impolite in online meetings.

How to participate in online meetings without restraint? Prestige Patron heard the aspirations of office workers. They upgraded the first generation Webcam, added AI intelligent system to the product, and launched “AimGoalar” that can track human faces. AimGoalar has Full HD 1080p 30fps high image quality and a camera angle that can be rotated ±40 degrees vertically and ±120 degrees horizontally. The AI intelligent system will track and rotate with the user’s face to ensure that the user is always within the camera range.

It’s easy to connect the device of Prestige Patrons. Just plug one USB into the machine and the other into the computer. In addition, AimGoalar supports a variety of video conferencing software such as GoToMeeting, Line, Zoom and Teams. It also supports OBS, Facebook Live and Google Live webcasting tools. Be it helping office workers participate in online meetings, or assisting teachers to teach remotely via live lectures, it is all very convenient.

When office workers attend online meetings at home, they usually have to read materials and report at the same time. They may also need to leave their position and do some body movements to explain their report. Some teachers are used to using blackboards in class, and even use physical props to assist teaching. If Webcam does not have a face-tracking system, then office workers and teachers will easily get out of the camera range during the process, causing embarrassing situations and scenes.

Aldrich, business manager of Prestige Patron, said that traditional Webcams have an insufficient field of view, especially the built-in cameras of laptops. It can’t track the user’s scope of action. If a user wants to make sure that he appears in the image, he must not leave his position in front of the computer screen. This is a sad story of humans being limited by technological products. AimGoalar broke through the limitations of traditional cameras. We hope to use our Smart Webcam to accompany users in welcoming the new era of long-distance work.

About Prestige Patron

Prestige Patron comes from Australia. Founded in 2005, they were the first to engage in the foundry of 3C peripheral products such as mice, keyboards and speakers. By 2005, Prestige Patron has expanded its business, having launched its own manufactured brand and is committed to extending its product line. It began to launch Webcam series products at the end of 2019.


Company Name: Prestige Patron
Contact person: Aldrich Johnson

SOURCE: Prestige Patron

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