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R2 Recycling: The All Purpose Electronics Recycling Destination

Since it was founded two decades ago, R2 Recycling has gone from its genesis as a local recycler to a large industry leader with a nationwide presence thanks to its coalition with partners all around the country that follow the R2 standard. The company is well known in the industry for its pioneering electronics recycling practices & secure data destruction. But according to an R2 Recycling spokesperson, their business extends well beyond that.

“If you have lightbulbs you’re looking to recycle, a great way to do it is through our Quickpaq program.”, an R2 Recycling spokesperson explained. “Just visit our website, order one of our boxes specifically designed for various types of bulbs, and we’ll quickly have them shipped to you. After you receive the boxes, all you have to do is pack them & ship them back to us. It’s really that simple.”.

As R2 Recycling has spent years constructing its nationwide network of partners that follow the R2 standard, the amount of material that they collect has expanded. This is a result of the evolution of the services that they offer & an expansion of their mission: to be a multi-purpose recycling destination for entities across the spectrum. “Our list of material we accept has grown with us.”, explained R2 Recycling’s spokesperson. “We accept any electronics that are plugged in or battery powered.”.

The gradual expansion of what R2 Recycling collects developed over a span of time, as they commenced hearing from customers that sought to recycle equipment that did not fit the standard criteria of e-waste. With the demand becoming quite noteworthy, R2 Recycling & its nationwide network of partners that follow the R2 standard began to collect these other items & renovated the warehouse to accommodate the influx of new material.

“We are known well as a recycler of computers, televisions, and all household & office electronics.”, said R2 Recycling’s spokesperson. “But our list of what we accept is broader than that. If there’s anything we’ve learned in over two decades in business, it’s that always evolving & adapting to your customers’ needs is the key to longevity.”.

R2 Recycling is headquartered in New Jersey, and works with a network of nationwide partners that follow the R2 standard across the continental United States of America. They stand behind their work by providing secure data destruction & Certificates of Recycling for each of their jobs. More information about their services can be obtained by calling (866) 509-7267 or by requesting a quote.


Michael De Fortuna

SOURCE: R2 Recycling

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