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Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Officer, Autodesk, Inc. has been appointed to the CTO Forum Advisory Board.

Raji Arasu, Chief Technology Officer, Autodesk, Inc. has been appointed to the CTO Forum Advisory Board.

The CTO Forum today announced that Raji Arasu, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer of Autodesk, Inc. has been appointed to the CTO Forum Advisory Board. The CTO Forum brings together senior technology executives, business leaders and academicians to discuss and collaborate on key technology issues and to accelerate innovation across organizations.

“The CTO Forum has had the distinct privilege of collaborating with Raji as a member of our board for a number of years, and it is our honour to now welcome her representing Autodesk to the Advisory Board,” stated CTO Forum Founding Chair and President Basheer Janjua. “We admire and respect the commitment to innovation and transformation she has demonstrated throughout her career and anticipate her thought leadership will continue to provide substantial, enduring benefit to the CTO Forum community.”

CTO Forum hosts a series of events for its members each year, gathering the brightest minds to connect, debate, and solve the big issues of our time. In 2021, through the concerted efforts of the dedicated Advisory Board, CTO Forum has introduced RETHINK DIGITAL: Designing the Digital Transformation Flywheel. The Six Series – a transformation tour de force – is led by faculty from top universities and distinguished industry leaders. Each of the integrated modules is focused on a single facet of digital transformation including customers, strategy, culture, operations, data, and technology, and ultimately will deliver leaders their own customized transformation playbook.

“I’m excited to accept this appointment to the CTO Forum Advisory Board. Throughout our association, Basheer and I have shared a passion to improve overall business success through the smart application of technology. The CTO Forum’s thought leadership platform and its commitment to maintaining a learning environment continue to make it a unique and impactful organization,” said Raji Arasu, EVP, CTO of Autodesk.

As Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Autodesk, Raji drives Autodesk’s technology strategy to accelerate connectivity, intelligence, and productivity for customers, partners, and development teams through a SaaS platform that delivers data, workflow orchestration, developer experience, and core foundational services such as geometry and graphics. Responsible for creating strategic opportunities for Autodesk, its customers and partners, Raji leads a future-focused team working on a broad range of emerging technologies such as generative design, artificial intelligence, computational geometry, advanced simulation, IoT, robotics, material science, augmented reality, and human-computer interaction.

Raji is a leader with 30 years of experience in e-commerce, marketplaces, payments, and fintech industries delivering innovative customer experiences and driving growth through technology and vibrant and inclusive engineering culture. Previously serving as Intuit’s Senior Vice President of Platform Engineering, she helped shape the platform strategy and technology culture, led the company’s cloud transformation, and expanded foundational core capabilities that amplified innovation for customers. Prior to Intuit, she served as CTO at StubHub and held other leadership roles at eBay.

Raji has received public recognition for her work promoting and mentoring diversity and women in successful leadership roles in technology. She serves on the Board of Directors for MediaAlpha Inc.

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