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Reap the Benefits of Skin-to-Skin Touch with the Nesting Days Carrier for International Babywearing Week

The lightweight carrier created by a postpartum doula adds comfort and support for moms and infants during the baby’s first months.

Maternal and infant well-being are at the forefront of Nesting Days, designers of innovative babywearing apparel and a brand that is part of a growing movement to recognize the benefits of skin-to-skin touch.

In support of International Babywearing Week on Sept. 27 through Oct. 3, Nesting Days continues to educate the public about the need for comfort and support for postpartum mothers and newborns as they are welcomed into the world.

Created by a postpartum doula, the Nesting Days a lightweight hands-free carrier is a useful tool that helps moms recover from childbirth and C-sections while providing them with the most special skin-to-skin moments with their newborns from day one. The postpartum shaper in the midsection allows moms to heal comfortably while going about with the day’s activities.

“Wrapping newborns is like a second womb for the fourth trimester,” said Nesting Days founder Julie Arvan. “I realized I had the background as a postpartum doula to design a carrier that is in keeping with the latest research on infant development and bonding while offering gentle compression needed for moms as they recover from childbirth.”

By mimicking a womb, the carrier helps soothe the baby when distressed and increases breastfeeding success. Skin-to-skin time is nature’s way for newborns to get the nourishment they need. Wearing a carrier boosts oxytocin levels and lowers cortisol or stress. It also promotes healthy attachment and bonding and aids in learning the baby’s cues for feeding, sleeping and awake time.

Carriers are available for moms and dads, making caregiving a shared experience for lasting memories and bonding time for both parents. The carriers are available in a variety of prints and blend fashion, function, and freedom effortlessly. The patented wing design makes it easier to put on with no buckles, hard edges or straps.

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About Nesting Days:
Nesting Days is an innovative, skin-to-skin newborn baby carrier and postpartum body shaper made in San Francisco. Inspired by yoga wear, the Nesting Days carrier is Founder Julie Arvan’s patented design – a safe, wearable ‘nest’ tailored to the unique physiology of the newborn baby combined with a body shaper and skirt that can either be worn down or pulled up over the baby’s bottom for even more support. Although it might look similar to other ‘wraps’ at first glance, its unique winged design and fabric combination provides much more support than possible from any other ‘wrap’ type of carrier available – allowing for hands-free baby carrying for mom (or dad) with no buckles, hard edges or complicated wrapping.

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