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Refreshing the look of National Van Lines Trailers

 National Van Lines is pleased to announce new designs for the National Van Lines fleet of trailers and agent trucks. The new designs are an updated, brand-forward presentation to engage our consumers. We began using the new look in April 2021 on three new 53-foot trailers.

New trailer designs for National Van Lines

For decades, there was a departure from featuring the logo representing National Van Lines on the trailer design history.  Focusing more on the consumer, they want to make sure the brand is crisp, clear and upfront. It only makes sense to carry the overall brand through the most significant, most impactful promotional tool, the fleet of trailers and agent trucks. “I love the refreshed design and the prominent positioning of our logo. We’re excited about the many positive changes going on in the company and this is a public way to share with the world that it’s not just ‘business as usual’ at National Van Lines,” said Tim Helenthal, CEO of National Van Lines.

A new feature of the trailer design is the National Van Lines All-Star Driver Program. “Baseball cards” designed to boost our tenured, award-winning drivers. These cards will replace the standard “Drive for National” jargon you see on the back of current trailers and have become ubiquitous in the trucking industry.

They treat drivers like superstars. Wanting a way to show all Household Goods drivers that they care and trying to do it in a very visible way! “I wanted to bring this sense of fun into a critical part of our business – driver recruitment,” said Todd Gordon, Vice President of Marketing.

About National Van Lines

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Established in 1929, National Van Lines is proud to have a history of service stretching back nearly 100 years. What started as a one-person operation has grown into a full-service moving company providing the best in residential moving, commercial moving, warehouse and storage, and more. Originating in Chicago, National Van Lines offers moving services across the country and the world. We’re standing by to help make your next relocation experience the easiest ever.

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