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Restore Build Grow Opportunity Zone Fund (RBG) Now Seeking Investors for High Tech Manufacturing, Innovative Technologies, Indoor Ag, Workforce & Transitional Housing

The Fund is Authorized to Raise $50,000,000 in the Series A Round.

Restore Build Grow Opportunity Zone Fund (RBG) now seeking accredited investors for High Tech Manufacturing, Innovative Technologies, Indoor Ag, Workforce & Transitional Housing. The Fund is authorized to raise $50,000,000 in the Series A Round.

RBG Opportunity Zone Fund

The mission and impact of RBG Opportunity Zone Fund is to restore, build, and grow local communities by investing in low and middle income regions to create and develop Opportunity Zone Real Estate and Businesses leveraging the significant tax benefits under The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 passed by the US Congress. The selected portfolio companies will possess a strong investment thesis and meaningful social and environmental impact including sustainable workforce & affordable housing to enable economic growth and community redevelopment. The Fund’s business investments will focus on novel technologies within product solutions targeting large unmet consumer, commercial, and industrial market needs. By coupling a strong fundamental investment thesis, the significant federal and state tax benefits of the opportunity zone program, and other stackable federal and state tax programs, investors will now have the opportunity to maximize their investment returns.

RBG’s approach to strategically invest in businesses and real estate will generate positive economic trickle-down effects, increasing the demand and availability for local jobs and businesses, raising property values, and reducing crime.

Targeted geographic areas include Delaware, California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Targeted business investments by the RBG Fund will be in the areas of high tech manufacturing for disruptive product solutions enabled by innovative and patented technologies. This includes:

-Green Lighting Technology from Azentive, LLC emulating true sunlight indoors for completely regenerative food growth in California and New Jersey.
-World Changing Technologies with Noitavonne™ Inc., in the heart of Black Wallstreet in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
-Collaborating with the founder of Yor Water with Cutting Edge Technology platform for live streaming and e-commerce.

Targeted real estate investments by the RBG Fund will be in the areas of workforce, affordable, and transitional housing for average median income (AMI) families, veterans, people with disabilities, neurodivergent population & senior citizen population, as well as aging out youths, and reentry population. This includes:

-Innovative mixed-use affordable housing development
-Commercial and/or residential land uses near transit hubs
-Retail & commercial office space
-Supportive services
-Entrepreneurial Innovation hubs and more
-5G broadband

We are also evaluating potential investment opportunities within advanced nanomaterials, battery cell design & engineering, and battery manufacturing technologies. Given the explosive growth in electric vehicles and the rapidly increasing global adoption of wind and solar power generation, there will be an exponential increase in demand for Lithium-ion batteries over the next 10 years to power the EV’s and store the energy from wind and solar.

Opportunity Zone Tax Incentives

Opportunity Zones are designed to spur economic development by providing tax benefits to investors. First, investors can defer tax on any prior Capital Gains deposited into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOF) for up to five years. Then, after five years they will only be required to pay taxes on 90% of the original amount deposited thanks to a “10% Step Up Basis.” Additionally, those deferred taxes at 90% will only be assessed at the CURRENT rate of 23.5% and therefore are likely to avoid far higher future capital gains tax rates.

Finally, after a required ten-year minimum term, the initial amount deposited PLUS all the accrued interest derived from QOF property (real estate and business stock) can then be withdrawn from the QOF entirely tax free.

Today – 0% Tax Due – One million dollars invested today will appreciate tax free for five years.

5 Years – 10% Step Up Basis on Deferred Capital Gains tax due at 23.5% assessed on $900,000, which is 10% less the total one million invested.

10 Years – Tax Free – If Opportunity Zone investment generates another 9 million in profit over the ten-year term the entire 10 million can then be withdrawn tax free.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 offers an extraordinary tax break to investors by allowing them the opportunity to defer certain capital gains by investing them in qualified Opportunity Zone investments. Opportunity Zones are specially created geographic districts that allow investors to receive substantial tax breaks for investing in these zones, including the potential for avoiding taxes on gains altogether.

The monies eligible for investment extend only to realized capital gains from the sale of any property to an unrelated person. These capital gains can come from any asset class and do not have to be placed through an intermediary. Investors are eligible for tax deferral on such gains up to the amount of such gains that are invested in a certified Qualified Opportunity Fund within 180 days of the sale date (See “Income Tax Considerations – Opportunity Zone Investment”).


Taxpayers may defer paying tax on capital gains, if such capital gains are invested in a QOF, within 180 days from the gain. The deferral period ends the earlier of when the taxpayer sells its interest in the QOF or the 5-year mark. Investments held for 5 years prior to that date will also qualify for a 10% increase in the tax-payer’s tax basis of the amount of the deferred gain. Any taxpayer that holds its investment for a minimum of 10 years, can achieve no capital gain tax on the appreciation of its investment.

Fund Terms and Team

Restore Build Grow – RGB Opportunity Zone Fund was formed by three minority women.


The fund’s initial project will be Restoring the communities through high tech manufacturing and patented innovative technologies.


Regina Robinson has managed multi-million-dollar portfolios for the past twenty-five years. She would consider herself a “portfolio surgeon mastermind” who takes an unhealthy portfolio and will RESTORE it and make a trained Olympic Winner out of it. As such, she has managed and turned million-dollar budget shortfalls from red to into the black. Ms. Robinson has extensive experience managing multimillion-dollar portfolios for manufacturing companies and public entities. Prior to entering the public sector, she was last responsible for managing a $450MM portfolio for one of the largest Fortune 500 Companies. Currently, she serves as the Chief Financial Officer of one of the largest educational systems in the State of New Jersey and is responsible for the business and operational affairs of an $810MM entity. Ms. Robinson has overseen major projects that include environmental remediation, natural gas conversions, structural assessments and repairs, of more than five million square feet of instructional space.

Building and Growing sustainable communities is a long standing commitment of Regina. She shows her gratitude to pay it forward by serving as the Founder and President of Crossroads Community Resource Development Center, a nonprofit dedicated to the development of supportive services that promote and sustain the education, social and economic well-being of children, families and communities in underserved areas. She also serves on the Board of Directors of The Chrysalis Initiative which provides Black women and other disparate groups tools to address racism in their cancer care, with the purpose of erasing the line of inequality in breast cancer care.


By Building back the neighborhoods and population for families to thrive, RBG will create state-of-the-art affordable housing developments, and workforce opportunities.


Bernice Johnson is a reticent person by nature and prefers to BUILD a company behind the scenes given the opportunity. Ms. Johnson has been involved in real estate in various property sectors for almost 20 years. She has played a key role in numerous real estate acquisitions and dispositions, property management, and oversight of construction projects totaling in the multi-millions. Ms. Johnson has a real estate license in two states and an insurance license for life, property and casualty. Ms. Johnson has an extensive history of supporting small businesses and has dedicated herself to tackling problems with transformative solutions. She has held a variety of positions in marketing, sales, social media, procurement, public safety, risk mitigation, business development, operations, and compliance. Ms. Johnson also works for Tisdale Legal Group, PLLC., which is a real estate and labor & employment law firm. She serves as a VP for a national and international engineering firm and a Director of Business Development for Eazy Do It, Inc., which is the number 1 opportunity zone fund development company in the USA.


Without everyone, we cannot “Grow as a Community”. That is why part of the fund’s road map will focus on green and energy-efficient transitional-housing and mixed-use development.


Ms. Gwen Samuel is a mom, education and economic freedom activist, and a community relations consultant with a national reach. Ms. Samuel has founded three Connecticut community-based organizations on her decades-long advocacy to help GROW communities and has championed two historical parent empowerment bills that became law in Connecticut.

Ms. Samuel has presented workshops at various educational conferences and colleges throughout the country, including the U.S. Department of Education; as well as testifying before Congress at the Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education. The hearing examined state and local efforts to increase parental engagement and educational opportunities. In recognition of her work, Parenting Magazine selected Ms. Samuel as one of fifty-one moms, representing their state, at the inaugural Mom Congress on Education and Learning in D.C. She was featured in Parade Magazine, Mother’s Day edition, “Moms We Love: Four Women Doing Amazing Work to Help Others.” Also, Ms. Samuel was featured in the book about public education entitled “Waiting for Superman” and was a panelist for NBC’s Education Nation.

Ms. Samuel launched an “Urban Experience in Family and Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.)—helping Teachers Transition into Diverse Classrooms and Community” workshop series. This parent-led “Urban Experience in Family and Community Engagement Workshop Series” provides educators, administrators, and lead school support staff with solution-oriented strategies critically needed to build sustainable relationships with parents, families, and communities who are marginalized within the educational system.

Ms. Samuel participated in the Denver Colorado Leadership Program of the Rockies (LPR) with a focus area on training emerging leaders in America’s founding principles while teaching and fine-tuning the leadership skills necessary to impact public policy. In addition, she co-founded the Connecticut Charter Oak Leadership Program which focuses on teaching and fine-tuning the leadership skills necessary to impact public policy.

Fund Terms & Highlights

Status: Open to Investors
Fund Focus: Business & Real Estate
Total Fund Maximum Offering: $250M
Round A Target Offering: $50M
Minimum Subscription: $100K
Fund Administration: OZInvested
Anticipated Returns: 20%


Restore Build Grow Opportunity Zone Fund
Regina Robinson – Fund Manager
Phone: (302) 276-8253‬

For more information, please visit

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