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Roger Rehberg’s new book “ERA” takes place in the far future and how the human race deals with an alien invasion and its aftermath

Recent release “ERA” from Page Publishing author Roger Rehberg, explores that as humanity began to expand into the stars, a new external threat emerged from deep space unlike anything it had encountered before.

Roger Rehberg, a science fiction fan and follower since he was a child, has completed his new book “ERA”: an intriguing work that emerged due to the author’s fascination of creating his own planets, races, and otherworldly scenarios that he underpinned with humanities own failings and strengths both internally and externally.
Rehberg writes, “The intense brightness of the sun that could sometimes be so blinding on the Earth and the inner planets was dimmed on the tiny but hostile chunk of rock known as Pluto. It was far separated from any of its solar neighbors, planets or otherwise, except for a small science post that orbited far above its cold and barren surface. For the extremely isolated and brave team, this was their place of work, and for now, at least, it was their home with Earth only being in their most treasured dreams.”
Published by Page Publishing, Roger Rehberg’s gripping story demonstrates how an Earth fleet mounted to face the imposing alien threat just beyond the fringes of the planet Saturn, the human forces suddenly vanished and are unexpectedly transported into the future.

Returning to Earth, the fleet finds their home conquered and beaten, and the invaders have long gone. It is now their responsibility to not only rebuild the world but also remove tyrants from power and ultimately prepare for the inevitable return of the alien race. All will be revealed, and Earth’s ultimate role in the galactic environment will be forever changed.

Readers who wish to experience this riveting book can purchase “ERA” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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