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Start-Up Tackles America’s Broken Healthcare System Targeting the 80+ Million Uninsured and Underinsured Americans

Epiq MD Launches Its Online Healthcare Platform Providing Affordable Primary Medical and Mental Health Care, Wellness Programs, Discount Prescriptions and More

Epiq MD, Inc., the convergence of primary care, mental health, preventative, and wellness programs, announces its official launch today. It brings its comprehensive suite of telewellness services to the estimated 80-plus million uninsured and underinsured Americans and underserved communities residing in the U.S. on one digital platform in a single offering.

Epiq MD offers a subscriber-based model designed to be affordable for everyone, with service options starting at $24.95 per month and up to $49.95 for larger families. The Company provides all the following services as part of its flagship premier line:

  • Primary Care                    
  • Mental Health Services
  • Life Coaching                    
  • Prescription Discount
  • Ask a Medical Expert                
  • Medical Bills Advocacy
  • Nutritional Counseling                
  • Laboratory Discounts

Epiq MD chief executive officer and founder, Alejandro Rodriguez, commented, “A significant portion of the telemedicine market encompasses lifestyle or specialty medicine. In addition, another large constituency is the group with an immediate or urgent one-time need. They’ll click on the first ad that comes up on their search engine; we’re not necessarily interested in either of those groups.

“Our vision is to be an essential service to the millions of working families and individuals that do not have any other viable options. Having access to a doctor or mental health professional 24/7, 365 days a year represents an important improvement in their quality of life, and we are determined to become the leading ecosystem of health and wellness for this underserved group.” The Company’s research indicates that this group of families and individuals comprises over 80 million Americans and immigrants.

As of today, Plano-based Epiq MD is actively marketed in Texas, Alaska, Georgia and Illinois, covering an estimated 53.8 million residents or over 16% of the U.S. population. To ensure the highest quality control, it plans to incrementally scale up its full-service coverage to all 50 U.S. states by year-end 2022. In addition to the expansion of coverage area, Epiq MD also aspires to expand beyond its current offering by providing chronic disease management, chronic disease prevention and virtual direct primary care services in the future –– in an affordable package. An introductory primer on Epiq MD can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Company is founded by CEO Alejandro Rodriguez, a 20-plus-year entrepreneur and veteran of the energy industry. He conceived the idea of Epiq MD during the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 but said he did not “get passionate about the industry until his own bout with the Coronavirus.” Rodriguez further states on his personal experience, “Given my own humble and meager beginnings, and being the son of an immigrant father and mother of Native-American descent, I, too, am familiar with the realities of not having proper coverage and not having the best information available. I know very well the challenges of not understanding the benefits of mental health, preventative care or wellness. Through the use of technology, I am confident that Epiq MD can now deliver this life-changing suite of services for millions of families across our nation.”

According to a Kaiser Family Foundation report titled “Key Facts About the Uninsured Population,” in 2019, most (73.2%) uninsured people have at least one worker in their family. Moreover, 82.6% of uninsured people fell into a range of 100% – 400%+ of the Federal Poverty Level (“FPL”); 51% were over 200%, and from this group, 17.4% were at 400%+ of the FPL.

“Some may think of the destitute when you hear terms likes [uninsured] or [underinsured]; however, when you consider that half of all working Americans work in low-wage jobs, it becomes evident that Epiq MD is focused on a demographic encompassing hardworking families. The reality is healthcare and insurance costs have outpaced where most people live, in terms of wages. We hope to do something about it with our platform,” states Verdie Bowen, Epiq MD’s chief operations officer and co-founder.

The Company will utilize education and community involvement to spread its message and gain customers. As part of its platform debut today, Epiq MD has also launched its first capabilities-overview video in English and Spanish to provide a simple introduction to Epiq MD’s services. Epiq MD’s services can be accessed at its website;, by email at or by calling its call center at 1-(844)-8-EPIQ MD, or 844-837-4763.

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About EPIQ MD, Inc.
EPIQ MD believes that everyone deserves to live an epic life. It is the convergence of primary medical and mental health care, preventative care and wellness programs – on one digital platform, in a single offering. Conceived as a digital telemedicine-based business from the start, its core mission is to bring these services and knowledge to the 80 million uninsured or underinsured Americans. Its telemedicine platform provides services such as primary care, medical advisory, ask a medical expert, mental health services, discounted diagnostic lab services, prescription discount program, nutritional counseling and much more. For more information, please contact us at or by phone at 1-844-8 EPIQ MD.

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