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Startup that helps men quit digital addictions raises over $2m

REMOJO is helping and inspiring hundreds of thousands of men around the world break free from digital addictions. The London-based startup gets over 50,000 users per month and has raised over $2m in investment.

“So we really want to see what happens to the world, to our culture and to the quality of people’s relationships when 100 million guys commit to making the change and being their absolute best.” – Jack Jenkins, CEO of REMOJO

Studies report that 39% of men aged 15 to 29 watch p*rn daily*. When you consider that on average boys are exposed to it at 11 years old, it’s no wonder that the number of teen and adult regular p*rn users is so high. Unfortunately, high p*rn use has been associated with significant problems, such as mental health issues, relationship breakdowns and ED: 28% of men under 40 suffer from ED (vs 5% in 2001)**.

In response to p*rn’s negative effects, many users are waking up to the idea of quitting to experience better lives.

“We’re getting 50k users a month joining this fast movement,” says Jenkins. “Men all over the world (REMOJO is present in almost every country) are waking up to what they consume and how they live their lives. Our users want to quit p*rn to free their mind, achieve a better life and live by their values.”

REMOJO provides a complete path to freedom or recovery with progress tracking, blocking p*rnography content, filtering with AI technology, in-app courses and anonymous community support.

The app is available for Android, iOS, Mac and Windows systems. It is designed for men between the ages of 16 and 35, who have an unwanted p*rn habit and want to quit for good.

Access the site:
App link:

Press contact: – +44 7841779073

* Young Australians use of p*rnography and Association with sexual risk behaviours (2017)
** Global Survey of SЄxual Attitudes and Behaviours (2011)


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