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Tag: environments

Million Gallons of Pool Chemical Available Nationwide

MINLOX Chemical Company manufactures an All-In-One, eco-friendly pool chemical that replaces chlorine, acids and other toxic chemicals.  MINLOX Chemical Company announces the availability of millions of gallons of their pool chemical to fill the chlorine shortage in America today. Their proprietary formula has been used to disinfect water for over

4 Tips for Creating a Healthier Home

People are spending more time at home, where their living spaces have become classrooms, gyms, offices, restaurants and more. The additional time at home provides a unique opportunity to make changes to create healthier living environments. In fact, a majority of Americans (54%) report being more concerned about having a

Stainless steel conveyor belts enhance food grade cleanliness

Food grade manufacturing processes rely on the ability of the maintenance team to keep surfaces clean and contagion-free. Stainless steel conveyor belts by Robinson contribute to that effort by delivering ease of cleaning for the maintenance staff after every shift. Stainless steel conveyor belts, in and of themselves, are not a guarantee

COVID-19 Scent Detection Dogs

We are pleased to announce that K9 P.I. Inc, in conjunction with PepeDogs™, is jumping into the fight to better protect people from COVID-19. Our companies are no stranger to training scent dogs on a wide variety of signature odors, consisting of but not limited to; entomology, nematology, agriculture, environmental