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Million Gallons of Pool Chemical Available Nationwide

MINLOX Chemical Company manufactures an All-In-One, eco-friendly pool chemical that replaces chlorine, acids and other toxic chemicals.

 MINLOX Chemical Company announces the availability of millions of gallons of their pool chemical to fill the chlorine shortage in America today. Their proprietary formula has been used to disinfect water for over a decade all around the world. The technology used for disinfection is chemical oxidation. By shifting the valance of a simple, oxygen molecule – MINLOX offers a 100% biodegradable formula that is safe and easy to apply.

With locations in CA, TX, AR and FL, MINLOX is able to deliver quickly from its ample supply of pool chemicals. It is a “standalone” chemical that does not require supplements of other toxic chemicals. For those wanting to move away from toxic chemicals and ozone generation, MINLOX is a safer and more affordable option.

During this chlorine shortage across the U.S., MINLOX is capable of producing millions of gallons of its pool chemical at all of its locations. Delivery will be +/- one week for the certified products. If in need of finding a source of pool chemical, contact the MINLOX office on their website. “We’ve experienced quite a few phone calls since the chlorine shortage and we’re able to fill the demands of our pool customers with plenty of inventory,” says MINLOX president, Wes Glenn.

MINLOX ships directly to any location within the lower 48 states. Pool service companies in need of more supplies should contact MINLOX right away.

Wes Glenn, president
MINLOX Chemical Company
+1 949-718-4426

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