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Stainless steel conveyor belts enhance food grade cleanliness

Food grade manufacturing processes rely on the ability of the maintenance team to keep surfaces clean and contagion-free. Stainless steel conveyor belts by Robinson contribute to that effort by delivering ease of cleaning for the maintenance staff after every shift.

Stainless steel conveyor belts, in and of themselves, are not a guarantee of surface cleanliness. However, our food grade customers tell us their crews see a difference in time savings and effectiveness when it comes to wash-down procedures. This is because stainless steel conveyor belts are the most effective at minimizing crevices that collect residue and harbor bacteria.

The dedicated stainless steel area within Robinson’s plant features a welding team that has extensive experience in meeting customer manufacturing requirements. Our experts can polish and finish welds to eliminate crevices which can hide contaminants. When required, we can x-ray welds to identify inclusions larger than the maximum acceptable by the customer.

Design flexibility highlights stainless steel conveyor belts

Processing environments seldom feature straight-line product streams, meaning our design team needs ingenuity and imagination to safely move products from point A to point B in food grade environments. That was the case with a recent customer, where challenges included turning corners, changing levels and controlling product flow.

The customer objective was to mix ingredients in a stainless steel hopper, control the outflow onto a conveyor, and then move product up a slope to a higher level for the next steps in the process. All product contact areas include stainless steel, with smart logic ensuring all machines in the process communicate with each other.

Our design team designs backward integration into the system so the line stops before an “I Love Lucy” moment can occur due to a product backup. Robinson’s expertise in packaging conveyor design complements our stainless steel conveyor belts for a complete production line system.

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