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Tag: NFT

It’s now possible to pay all bills with crypto

Users in the US will be able to pay their credit card bills, utilities, healthcare, mortgage payments and 20,000 other types of bills using crypto. Even taxes! With a few simple clicks people can start breaking up their dysfunctional reliance on traditional banks. Bitrefill Bill Payments is a massive step

Nostalgic NFTs for GenX and Boomers

The Bonnieverse is onboarding older audiences into the NFT world with electrifying snapshots of famous faces. For over 40 years, Bonnie Schiffman has photographed icons like Robin Williams, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Jerry Seinfeld, Betty White, Steve Jobs and countless others. Her uniquely stylized celebrity portraits have been seen all

WatchableNFT Brings Luxury Watches into the Metaverse

The first 50 watches to launch will have a unique gold strap WatchableNFT, which aims to bring luxury watches into the Metaverse, is releasing its very first luxury watch NFT collection with a limited “Launch” edition that will be auctioned before the main release. The collection will be formed from

Metaverse NFT project of 2022: Keys to the Metaverse

The past year saw the interest in NFTs skyrocket to unprecedented levels. The new year 2022 started again with a big splash for this industry. The interest in the Metaverse and everything it can be spiked the sales to record levels in the first weeks of 2022. One such interesting

Reason Launches World’s First NFT Escape Room

Reason, a San Francisco startup, launches the world’s first NFT escape room experience this week, Glitch. The game merges gaming technology with the power of non-fungible tokens and creates a seamless way for players to interact with digital blockchain items in the real world. Known for leading the digital transformation