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Art Entrepreneur Andy Valmorbida Launches River-Labs, New Tech Platform Introducing Real Art Assets on Blockchain Bridging Physical & Digital Fine Art

The token will be available to be uniquely minted using credit cards or crypto wallets with no gas fees, in collaboration with Web3 partner Ethereal and tech developer Pipeline.

NEW YORK, August 18, 2022 – Renowned international art pioneer Andy Valmorbida announced the launch of River-Labs, a groundbreaking Web3 digital marketplace offering handcrafted generative digital art from emerging and established artists. River-Labs’ Mint Pass Holders will be granted access to the physical artworks. 

Unlike any offering currently available in the Web3 space, River-Labs will manage and offer established and emerging artists a platform that creates a long-term digital presence, while preserving their legacy and value in both the physical and digital art worlds. River-Labs offers automated royalty allocations to the artists and allows owners of art to lease the rights to display in the metaverse and virtual reality platforms.

“River-Labs marries culture and utility in the art world,” Valmorbida comments. “It empowers the creative community and offers emerging and established contemporary artists a compelling opportunity to seamlessly enter into an emerging marketplace, acting as an incubator and harbouring their assets on the blockchain while allowing collectors who could otherwise not afford the original fine art to enjoy their own unique generative art piece.”

“The option to own the generative physical artworks on canvas from River-Labs artists is an industry first, and so is the opportunity for collectors and artists to interact in physical spaces, as we are planning a program of pop-ups and exhibitions during key art fairs worldwide, as well as a number of exclusive, member-only social events and locations around the world in selected cities.”

As with all of Valmorbida’s ventures, philanthropy is an integral part of River-Labs’ plan. The launch of River-Labs will include that of its River-Labs Artists Foundation, an advocacy and educational organization centered on helping educate, expose and curate artists while providing resources and networking opportunities to assist in their foray into the digital art space. The intention is to have the Foundation with a permanent setting in Florence, Italy, which will showcase artists in accordance to the Foundation’s vision, along with annex installations, the first in New York. 

Curator Jordan Watson, with four million followers on Instagram @LOVE.WATTS, will select prominent artists from his platform to participate in River-Labs’ program. @LOVE.WATTS boasts some of the highest engagement from influential companies and individuals such as PaperMag, Gigi Hadid, Murakami, Madison Beer, Cara Delevingne, The Chain Smokers, The Weeknd, Paris Hilton, Playboy, Rihanna and Sotheby’s.

“We are thrilled to support the launch of this unique digital proposition based on accessibility, unbridled creativity, and the artists behind it,” Watts comments. “There is no progress without creativity.”      

Known for its reliable impact and technical expertise, Pipeline Marketing will collaborate with River-Labs on the design of a digital marketplace to support their artists and bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.

“Pipeline is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with River-Labs’ experienced team,” said Jonathan Teplitsky, Pipeline’s CEO. “Digital art on the blockchain is more than just art; it is ‘life meets art.’ As an interactive digital tool, they offer an unprecedented opportunity for collectors to interact with their favorite artists and discover new ones. It’s exciting to be at the starting line of an industry that has unforeseen potential, and it’s even more inspiring to have partners that share our vision for the future.” 

Ethereal will spearhead the onboarding of artists and the cultivation of the digital and physical communities River-Labs is launching to accompany the project.

Said Ethereal founder and CEO Stephen Sabo, “The Web3 ecosystem is still in its infancy and only a small percentage of brands and media companies, nonetheless artists, have moved into the space. River-Labs is uniquely designed to help artists capitalize on the white space while positioning them ahead of the inevitable digital marketplace.” He added, “In the next 5 years, every major consumer, brand or media company – and artist – will need to have a presence and late adopters will need to acquire or spend more to catch up.”

Australian-born and American-raised, Andy Valmorbida is an art entrepreneur, collector, and pioneer of the “pop-up” gallery model, who has also been instrumental in popularizing street art over two decades. The voice of his generation when it comes to identifying emerging art market trends and fostering contemporary talent, Valmorbida has organized over 45 pop-up exhibitions in 12 different countries. Over the past two decades, he has launched and been attributed to the careers of Richard Hambleton, Retna and Futura and partnered with major international brands, public figures and art institutions, including Giorgio Armani, Amfar, Phillips, Vistajet, Bombardier Aerospace, RVCA, P. Diddy, and Jimmy Iovine, to name a few.  Valmorbida cemented his entrepreneurial success by combining his creative vision and guerilla marketing.

River-Labs is a digital marketplace harboring art history and curating cultural programs for collective ecospheres rooted in contemporary and urban art. River-Labs will manage and offer established and emerging artists a platform that increases their relevance and establishes a long-term digital presence, preserving their legacy in both the physical and digital art worlds.

@LOVE.WATTS, founded in 2015 by visionary curator and outlier Jordan Watson, is a digital platform with four million followers that has pioneered contemporary art and culture through multiple channels, such as @wattsweb3, @watts.on, and

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