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Aniverse Announces the Reopening of Their NFT Marketplace After Multi-chain Network Function

SEOUL, KOREA, September 6, 2022 – Aniverse announces they will reopen its NFT marketplace after adding a multi-chain network function to their platform. Along with the re-opening, the ‘Hangawi Special Aniverse Gift NFT’ linked with real products will also be held.

Aniverse plans to hold a large-scale real product event worth a total of 100 million won to commemorate the renewal of the Aniverse NFT marketplace. According to Aniverse, the Aniverse NFT Market Renewal Site will be opened on September 6th at 8:00 pm (Korean time), and the real product NFT event will be held on the site at the same time.

The products available are worth around 100 million won and include a Mini Cooper car worth 30 million won, MacBook Pro 16, Samsung/LG TV, Apple Watch. Users can purchase NFTs linked to real products with KANV, a staking reward of Larva PFP NFT launched in March in the Aniverse NFT Marketplace, and all products offered are 70-80% of the market price.

On the other hand, Aniverse added that the total amount of KANV used to purchase the real NFT will be incinerated to reduce the total issuance. For more information about the Aniverse NFT Market re-opening and events, participants can visit the Aniverse Larva NFT Discord and Twitter channels.

Aniverse NFT will be renewed based on the existing Ethereum mainnet, and will additionally support the Klaytn mainnet and expand to a multi-chain network. ‘Aniverse NFT’, which was first unveiled in August last year, is an Ethereum-based NFT market, and it was possible to trade with Aniverse’s token ANV. However, the limitations of the Ethereum mainnet such as high gas fees and slow network meant in order to expand the ecosystem of the platform, Aniverse chose to expand to the Klaytn mainnet, which has lower gas fees and higher transaction speed.

The Aniverse NFT marketplace, which has been refurbished through renewal, supports both the Ethereum and Klaytn mainnet, and users can use Aniverse’s token – ANV(Etherium-based) – and Aniverse Larva PFP NFT’s staking reward token – KANV(Klaytn-based) – to buy and sell NFTs. In addition, through the ‘Import’ function, NFTs purchased from other platforms such as Opensea and Rarible can be imported and traded in the Aniverse NFT Marketplace.

The fact that all transaction fees are free within the Aniverse NFT platform is also a great benefit. While most large NFT marketplaces charge a certain amount of fees, Aniverse has been adhering to the platform fee-free policy since its launch to support convenient transactions for holders.

Aniverse was listed on the Huobi Global Exchange USDT Market at the end of July. Huobi Global Exchange is a large global virtual asset exchange with the 6th largest trading volume in the world (based on CoinMarketCap exchange rankings), and it is the second global exchange listing for Aniverse after MEXC Global this year. As a result, Aniverse’s token ANV can be traded on various domestic and foreign exchanges such as Bithumb, Huobi Global, and MEXC Global.

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