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Taking The Unconventional Route with Perth’s Digital Marketing Agency Lethal Digital

PERTH, AUSTRALIA, June 29, 2022 – Carving out a path for yourself within the creative industry is never easy. Starting creatives are, more often than not, dealing with a highly competitive market and relatively low pay. On top of that, creatives have to find a way to balance their own vision with that of their current employers. Precisely that last point can be difficult to overcome, as the proverbial ‘old guard’ seems reluctant to embrace ‘the new’. After working with some of the top creative agencies, Lee Rekman founded his own digital marketing agency in Perth by moving away from the ‘award-driven mentality’ he saw at other agencies. Instead, Lee’s Lethal Digital focuses on a result-driven approach to e-commerce, web design and more.

Lee’s method proved successful: since Lethal Digital’s inception in 2002, Lee and his team helped nearly one thousand small-to-medium-sized businesses grow, by making use of strategically driven marketing tactics. Recently, the Perth-based digital marketing agency landed not one but two premium US-based clients: Lethal Digital is commissioned to launch the brand new websites for premium multi-platform podcast and audio streaming network Vocal Podcast Network and The Network Advisory whose artists include ASAP Rocky, Nicki Minaj and Post Malone. Apart from Lee’s results-driven approach, he states another factor instrumental to his success: always get your ideas out there and never forgo an opportunity.

‘Funny story – The reason I was able to secure big clients as The Network Advisory and Vocal Podcast Network was because I was hanging out with Gary Vee in Sydney in 2019.’ As Lee recounts, Gary, founder of Vayner Media commented how he ‘would like his head on the side of Mount Rushmore one day’. Through quick thinking, Lee had the Lethal team create Mount Crush More, a play on Gary’s book ‘Crushing it’. ‘The Vayner team loved it! Afterwards, the Vice President of VaynerSports contacted me wanting to work together. It just goes to show what a single post and getting your ideas out there can mean for your company!’

Want to know more about Lee’s approach to digital marketing? Or see how Perth’s top digital marketing agency could help your business with web design, facebook ads, e-commerce and more? Connect with Lee’s team at Lethal Digital!

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