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Texas Salsa Company Launches YouTube Channel For The Holidays With Family Recipes

SalsaDeLeon, focuses on the way friends and family can enjoy cooking together by using the De De Leon’s family recipies.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the way holidays are celebrated. When it comes to Texas cuisine, the artful tastes, smells. traditions and family time are very important. From singing carols to opening presents and of course, the occasional overstuffed meal, Salsa De Leon brings not only new flavors but amazing family recipes to make at home for the holidays.

The creation of Salsa De Leon’s newest YouTube Channel, SalsaDeLeon, focuses on the way friends and family can enjoy cooking together by using the De Leon’s family ingredients and recipes. Cooking with the De Leon’s provides salsa lovers a step-by-step instruction on how to create recipes by incorporating their products that viewers can replicate straight from their own kitchens. From albondigas soup to shrimp tacos, chorizo sliders and more, “Salsa De Leon is more than just a chip and salsa dish, it’s an ingredient that can be used as a part of the meal,” states Leticia De Leon. “Our salsas provide any array of tastes for dishes. It can be used for breakfast, lunch or dinner meals. It’s a great way to add amazing flavors to your own family recipes.”

De Leon’s homemade salsa has been a part of her family’s recipes for years and hopes to send smiles and open new taste palettes all over Texas this holiday season. By sharing her family recipes on YouTube, “we hope to give families the opportunity to gather around together and share memorable moments, as we do in our own kitchen when making our meals.” From Texas Mild to Habanero Hot, you can choose your level of spice catering to any palette.

Salsa De Leon is available in over 200 H-E-B stores across Texas and can be purchased online and sent to anywhere across the country. The De Leon’s take great pride in their products. All 3 salsas are roasted, authentic, and delicious. They always use fresh ingredients and do not include fillers such as canned tomato juice, tomato paste, or vinegar. Whether it’s a large family meal or a simple snack of chips and salsa, you’ll find yourself craving more of these delicious salsas.

About Salsa De Leon:
A family-owned business from the beautiful, small town of Canyon Lake, Texas. The De Leon’s have been sharing their salsa with friends and family for many years. They originally gave it away as gifts, donated it for fundraisers and served it when volunteering at events. And over the years they were told, many times, they should bottle it to sell. In 2018, the De Leon family launched De Leon Family Enterprises dba Salsa De Leon and officially brought Salsa De Leon to market.

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