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The nation of Afghanistan mourns one of its humanitarian leaders today

As the nation of Afghanistan has been going through medieval times in the past few decades one man did everything he could to help its struggling people with healthcare. Mr. Habibullah Mayar, passed away today from natural causes and the nation of Afghanistan mourns one of its founding Fathers. Mr. Habibullah Mayar, the chairman of HASCO and HAMI (, a non profit organization headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan supported and helped cities and local towns with humanitarian necessities such as Healthcare for Women and Children, Empowerment of Street Children and the Empowerment of Women. Most people we spoke with described Mr. Mayar was somewhat of a Mahatma Gandhi figure defending people’s rights and making sure the unprivileged receive support with food, clothing, education and much more. Healthcare for Women and Children was on top of Mr. Mayar’s list as in Afghanistan, many children are in poverty and are almost twice as likely to pass away before the age of five. Mr. Mayar and his organization HASCO helped with providing healthcare necessities to Women and children in need by building water wells for purified drinking water, building schools from scratch for children to have an education and constructing Mosques for people to pray in.

Mr. Mayar also built homes for people to live and gave out loans for people that were in need. “The whole community is saddened by the passing of Sahib Mayar” said Abdul Ali, a Kabul resident that we talked to who was lined outside the hospital. Thousands of people were lined outside praying for Mr. Mayars recovery and were devastated to hear the sad news. Another person we interviewed by the name of Maryam said that the people in her village did not have water to drink and that a lot of her neighbors would get extremely sick before Mr. Mayar built a water well in her community. “Every year Mr. Habib Mayar would also give us food for the entire family. We are certainly going to miss Mr. Mayar and may Allah grant him jannet al firdous.” Similar to these stories, entire communities came out and many were telling tales of how Mr. Mayar put a print on their lives. In these difficult times in Afghanistan, it’s hard to find such as Mr. Mayar and his passing is devastating to the entire nation of Afghanistan. We can only pray for his family and loved ones and be thankful for his dedication and patriotism for the people in Afghanistan.

This story has a fitting quote of “Heroes come and go, but legends are forever”. Hasco will still be providing healthcare to the unprivileged and keep Mr. Mayars journey going.  

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Gelerah Kiazand
Kabul Wire

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