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Tim Solution Launched a Metaverse-Based Industrial Solution Called Tim Meta in January This Year

CYPRESS, Calif., November 18, 2022 – Tim Meta builds a virtual environment similar to reality through 3D CAD. The decision-making process is simplified by visualizing and showing sporadic information in industrial sites in a 3D structure. Through this, customers can make quick decisions based on field information. The company is a digital twin company and has a record of digital twinning companies in various industries in Korea.

*Digital Twin: Real-world machines, equipment, objects, etc. are implemented in a virtual world in a computer.

Tim Solution has several projects with Korean shipyards. Currently, it is also working with the aerospace industry to build expertise in the defense and aerospace industries. 

The advantage of the Tim service alone is that CAD files are lightweight, so even if the space increases, the computer takes less load. Because of this feature, even if it is not a high-performance computer, metaverse can be built and used efficiently.

Tim Solution offers a digital twin solution applicable to a wide range of industries. Its solution renders the real world intuitive and tangible in the digital realm. Tim Solution is leading the digital transformation in the Manufacturing, Operation, and Maintenance sector. The products specialize in rapid 3D visualization, seamless integration with legacy systems, and use-specific date analysis through AI.

Tim Solution has partnered with UNITY Korea to promote cooperation and marketing to carry out digital twin projects.

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