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TwoCanConnect Releases Powerful Integration With StoreConnect

Too often, eCommerce businesses waste valuable time keying in individual invoices. TwoCanConnect has released an integration with StoreConnect that will enable small to mid-size businesses to automate this process for improved eCommerce performance.Digital Twin: Real-world machines, equipment, objects, etc. are implemented in a virtual world in a computer.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 21, 2022 – In 2021, online sales in U.S. retail leapt 40 percent year over year.¹ What was initially fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic has now turned into a global shift in consumer behaviors. In 2022, total eCommerce sales are projected to hit $1 trillion for the first time in the U.S.² For small to mid-size eCommerce businesses, succeeding in this burgeoning retail field requires a keen eye on automation and system integrations. Manual data entry and laborious tasks can quickly eat away at profits, causing retail giants to gain an even larger lead. One area in which many eCommerce businesses waste valuable time is managing invoicing processes. This is where the newly launched TwoCanConnect and StoreConnect Extension Package will offer an easy way for small to mid-size eCommerce businesses to automate invoicing between StoreConnect and Xero.

Integrated directly with Salesforce, TwoCanConnect for Xero is currently available on AppExchange. TwoCanConnect + StoreConnect allows customers to spend less time keying individual invoices into Xero. Once a customer has made a purchase via StoreConnect, the new package automates the invoice creation in Xero, applies the payment captured by StoreConnect, and is immediately ready to reconcile in Xero.

“By building a direct StoreConnect integration, TwoCanConnect is enabling Salesforce users to combine the power of Salesforce, StoreConnect, and Xero, bringing together the world’s #1 CRM with one of the fastest growing online accounting systems available and SMB eCommerce 3.0 — all without having to write a single line of code or pay for a custom integrated solution. It helps level the playing field between the small business ‘Davids’ and the enterprise ‘Goliaths’,” said Mikel Lindsaar, CEO and founder of StoreConnect.

Jimmy Pomella, director of SOL Business Solutions Website, shares the vision surrounding this integration: “We saw the opportunity to partner with one of the fastest-growing apps in the Salesforce ecosystem and extend the functionality for customers that use Xero as an accounting platform. Customers can now enjoy big business automation for any size business at a low cost.”

This integration was made possible by StoreConnect’s unique approach to allowing for eCommerce sales integration. StoreConnect leverages the core features of Salesforce, allowing other Salesforce Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to easily build integrations into its system. This provides incredible benefits to end customers, who do not have to spend valuable money and time building custom integrations to accounting systems.

“With TwoCanConnect’s flexible Salesforce flow elements, you can use the out-of-the-box solution for StoreConnect, or you can tailor the invoice creation process to suit your business processes,” Pomella said.

This is just one of the many available StoreConnect integrations that are helping small to mid-size eCommerce businesses enact improved automation surrounding Salesforce recurring payments, subscriptions, billing, stock management, and more. Through these eCommerce integrations, online retailers are now equipped with the same tools as larger retailers while benefiting from lowered costs and a reduced strain on resources.

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About StoreConnect
Mikel Lindsaar, CEO and founder of StoreConnect, is an experienced technology entrepreneur whose mission is to infuse small and medium-sized businesses with the power to be successful in eCommerce 3.0 and scale to meet growing demand. Small businesses can’t waste time setting up their business on a platform only to repeat the process by changing platforms when they want to scale, nor do they want to waste time figuring out how to integrate multiple platforms. StoreConnect (built on the World’s Number 1 CRM, Salesforce) gives clients a complete, powerful, configurable eCommerce and CRM solution where they can manage their website, online and in-store sales, provide amazing customer service, run all their digital marketing campaigns, and have up-to-date detailed metrics, reporting and full understanding of their customer. They were awarded Salesforce’s 2021 International Partner Innovation Award of the year for the Retail sector and are changing the ease with which small businesses are run ─ with a manageable price tag. StoreConnect is Time. Well spent. Visit

About TwoCanConnect
TwoCanConnect for Xero has been built from the ground up by Salesforce users, for Salesforce users. Our connector allows you to create and sync invoices between Salesforce and Xero for a full, 360-degree view of your customer on one platform. We also allow all your users to access the Xero information in Salesforce without having access to the business’s actual Xero instance. TwoCanConnect for Xero works with Salesforce Professional Edition and above. We have spent the last six years planning, developing, and testing our connector to have a great user experience, be simple, effective, and a value-add for your Salesforce instance. Visit

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