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Twin Cities Teacher Helps Families Avoid College Traps by Hosting New ’10 College Traps ro Avoid in 2022′ Webinar

Dan Severson, a Twin Cities Teacher, hosts the LFE Institute’s new Webinar to help families learn how to avoid college traps on November 10th at 7:00 CST.

Dan Severson, a father of two and a teacher at Magnuson Christian School, is passionate about helping students and parents avoid the college mistakes he made. With skyrocketing college costs escalating to an average of $48,510 for private schools, and $21,370 for public colleges, he’s sponsoring this timely ‘College Traps’ Webinar by the LFE Institute, an unbiased Financial Wellness firm for nearly 3 decades, to help families minimize today’s rising college costs.

“College is one of the biggest financial decisions families will ever make, yet it is such a confusing process,” states Severson. “I know first-hand how making costly mistakes can jeopardize your financial security, and wanted to sponsor this unbiased Webinar to help families here in the Twin Cities avoid them.”

Unprepared for soaring college costs, a recent Fidelity Study found nearly two-thirds of students and parents report sticker shock over loan balances after graduation. And Fortune reports that students and parents can’t count on debt forgiveness.

“Our new College Traps Webinar is one of our most popular classes since it covers the latest college trends and traps families just aren’t hearing anywhere else,” states Alice Whinnery, CEO of the LFE Institute. “Dan really has a heart to help others, which is why we’re so pleased to provide this unique Webinar for families throughout the Twin Cities.”

Most college information focuses on college selection, financial aid, and the admissions process, but neglecting to identify the latest college mistakes has led to 40% drop-out rates, grads taking 6 years or more to complete their education, students unprepared for today’s job market, and depleted savings or excessive debt upon graduation.

“No one is helping families – especially first-generation college students, single parents, and others – learn the latest traps, insider secrets many colleges don’t want them to know, key questions millions fail to ask, and alternatives to consider when college isn’t the best fit,” says Whinnery. “The old adage – Knowledge is Power – has never been more applicable than when it’s applied to the college planning process.”

Dan Severson is giving families this power on November 10th at 7:00 CST.

Click on this link to register.

About the LFE Institute:

The LFE Institute has provided broad-based unbiased Financial Wellness education for nearly three decades, working with Twin Cities companies such as 3M, Best Buy, Target, Wells Fargo Bank, and others. After relocating to Florida, it now specializes exclusively in providing digital tools and live Webinar College Planning education to families throughout the U.S.

The firm’s mission is to help families master skills to avoid costly college mistakes, identify insider secrets colleges aren’t telling them, answer essential questions millions fail to ask, and learn the latest trends and traps every college-bound family needs to know. For more information, go to LFE Institute, or contact the LFE Institute at to learn more about the other live Webinars for college-bound families.

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