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Vyne Medical Auto-Indexing Solution Now Available to Hospitals and Health Systems

Auto-indexing reads and automatically associates high-volume form data to appropriate fields in the patient record.

Vyne Medical®, a leading provider of electronic health information and communication management solutions, announces the launch of new functionality to help streamline hospital administrative functions. Auto-indexing accurately transforms documents and unstructured patient information into structured, shareable data for use across hospitals and health systems.

Part of Vyne Medical’s Trace® platform, Auto-indexing technology leverages advanced machine learning and form recognition technology to read incoming text and map it to targeted fields in Trace. Demographic information contained in high-volume forms such as physician orders, insurance forms and patient registration forms is automatically classified and pre-populated into the appropriate patient record fields.

“Vyne Medical remains dedicated to helping hospitals and health systems improve the way they capture and share information to ensure a more complete patient record, create workflow efficiencies and recover lost revenue,” said Marcy Tatsch, president of Vyne Medical. “Auto-indexing accomplishes these key objectives by quickly transforming documents into structured, reliable data.”

Hospitals using Vyne Medical’s Auto-indexing functionality are able to process incoming documents immediately without hand-keying information. This leads to time savings, productivity increases and cost reductions.

“By reducing the burden of manual data entry, our Auto-indexing solution creates workflow efficiencies while reducing the incidence of human error,” said Ruchi Medhekar, senior vice president of strategy and platform at Vyne Medical. “These advantages give hospitals the opportunity to elevate service levels, reduce overtime expenses, improve patient throughput, and enhance financial outcomes.”

One hospital using Auto-indexing has experienced record lows in its abandoned call percentage and hold times, a 40 percent improvement in order processing time and the elimination of its backlog of open orders. Another hospital reported a 50 percent time savings in order reconciliation and a 3-week reduction in the hospital’s order backlog. The results include elimination of paid overtime and an increase in patient outreach for procedure scheduling.

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About Vyne Medical

Vyne Medical is a recognized industry leader in end-to-end health information exchange and electronic healthcare communication management. The company’s robust technology platform facilitates the electronic capture, storage and submission of healthcare data in virtually any form – voice, fax, image, data or electronic document. Vyne Medical’s solutions connect disconnected data to close gaps in documentation and improve the continuum of care through a more complete and fully accessible patient record. Outcomes include improved financial strength, operational performance and patient experience. For more information, visit

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