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Weather 20/20 Releases 180-day Weather Disaster Predictions for Summer & Fall 2022

A Major Hurricane is forecast for 22 August – 3 September

Today Weather 20/20 LLC released its long-range weather disaster predictions for summer and fall 2022. The upcoming Atlantic hurricane season is predicted to be less active than the past couple years. The forecast includes 12 named tropical storms, two below the average of 14. Of these named storms, six will be hurricane strength and two will be classified as major hurricanes, also below the seasonal average of three major hurricanes. Most of the activity will not strike the USA coastline with only 2 to 4 named storms predicted to make a USA landfall this year.

Businesses located in and serving the east coast of Florida are advised to increase their long-range disaster preparedness for the time window of 22 August to 3 September. The most likely scenario is for a major hurricane to develop and threaten eastern Florida in this two-week period. Louisiana has seen heavy tropical storm impact during the past two years but they are in one of the least likely landfall areas in 2022. Weather 20/20 predicted 7 of the 8 landfalling named tropical storms in 2021 weeks to months before each system developed.

“Our patent-pending model and weather forecast system allow our weather team to know when and where disasters are most likely to strike. Traditional, physics-based weather forecasting methods are only reliable out to five to ten days. That’s why businesses with weather-sensitive operations have a strong desire for accurate weather predictions for 180 days into the future, giving them months to plan and prepare” said Gary Lezak, Chief Meteorologist at KSHB-TV & Founder at Weather 20/20.

Weather 20/20’s proprietary “Lezak Recurring Cycle” or LRC, takes a superior approach to traditional forecasting. Weather 20/20 does not attempt to merely simulate the atmosphere; it identifies cycles in the atmosphere’s behavior over time. These cycles establish recurring patterns each year that can then be used to project forward actual weather conditions over long windows of time. The patent-pending model is global with accurate data being used by an increasing number of companies around the world. The LRC method uses what actually happened to predict what is going to happen.

Weather 20/20’s technology predicts a lot more than just hurricanes! Schedule a live demo and learn how your business can save money and improve logistics decisions through better weather planning and preparedness at

About Weather 20/20

Founded in 2008 Weather 20/20 LLC offers a range of products and services to consumers and weather-sensitive businesses such as insurance, energy, agriculture (AgExact), and retail. Using the proprietary methodology known as the Lezak Recurring Cycle (LRC) Weather 20/20 has the best forecasting method in the field of meteorology today.

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